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  1. hi it was a toyota dealer who made the comment about the waterpump. the car has full service history on it and has only done 50k, (just hitting that this weekend). I purchased it last year, from a toyota dealership.
  2. @blackcts taa mate, I have contacted toyota about it and are getting it checked out. Better to be safe than sorry !
  3. thanks a lot for that Firemac and there was me about to shell out for a waterpump, your advice is sound. I will just keep an eye on the levels and stop panicking, (there car was practically on auto trader after reading this thread !).
  4. my 2.2 d4d 2008 t-spirit corolla verso 50k miles has just been in for a service. I have been informed coolant was low and my water pump is leaking and I should get it replaced, should I be very very worried?
  5. thanks for that, I will see for sure on monday :P It does have a blue tooth kit, so i am sure there will be some way of getting my music on its system. Failing that, the parrot route, is a very good alternative.
  6. Hi peoples, I am due to pick up a 58 plate corolla verso t spirit 2.2 d4d next week. Just wondered, for those of you who know, does it have an aux in connection, also noticed it does have a bluetooth kit, if not, can you play music through the bluetooth connection? Thanks for your help :D
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums Jakethepeg :)

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