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  1. Well trying it today and it did seem to kixk in when everything was off, but didnt this evening and all that was on was the light s Could there be a problem? Also any ideas on the other bit for fitting etc?
  2. Ok, thats great thankyou. Couple of things to try then, I was sort of hoping it was a problem so it meant there was a reason for high fuel usage. Thank you for your help.
  3. Hi all. I've just bought a second hand cruiser 59 plate. Like it :-) alot. My concern with it is its fuel efficiency. Round town, ive got just over 31mpg. The eco mode rarely seems to kick in, but the eco off light goes on regularly. Am I doing something wrong? Also, how expensive do you think it would be to add reverse park sensors, and also the sat nav kit. I can get the tns510 for About 350 sexond hand but wonder if labour would be expensive as I dont know how easy to fit. Thanks and hello
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums blueroo :)