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  1. So the 2ZZ engine has never had the oil usage issue? Thanks your patience with a newbie btw
  2. Ok thanks for that. Was it on the 190 unit too (presumably they are the same engine just tweaked)? So perhaps go for a 2003 onwards with FSH and hope for the best?! Oh and change the bolts as above! Thx for the feedback; sorry for hijacking sotal's thread
  3. Hi there edwardio; I am in a similar position to sotal in wanting to purchase a Gen7. At what age was the oil usage issue resolved? Thx
  4. Just to say a big hello to everyone on the forum. Used to be a Toyota Corolla owner and now considering a Gen 7 Celica - wanted to pick peoples brains about the oil usage issue before I purchase! Thx
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums Davy_Boy :)

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