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  1. Thanks for this ! just discoverd this on my 08 Aygo. dry dipstick car not burning oil and no oil in water, but i can see how dirty and oily it looks down at the front near the baffle
  2. me either i think its the baffle plat on the front of the engine :), gona have to get the thing of and reseal it Not sure how much of gap there is between the end of the dipstick and the low oil sensor but it .25 of a pint not too much topped it up and now on Half on the dipstick but you can see oil off the baffle
  3. had another look and the dipstick has no oil on it :( its not burining oil nor does it have oil in thw water! so its either a sump leak or the plate on the head maybe ?
  4. So the oil light cam on this morning. 56k miles well looked after. popped the bonnet and the oil level is fine ! bad sensor ? or what ?
  5. Im saying mate, get them front door cards off i bet you have foam speaker backs that have either come off or just leaking
  6. just try this: Pull off front door plastics, just 3 screws and the door shut cover. Then see is either of the foam parts blocking holes up in the door are loose. I had non closed cell foam where the speakers where this had come off all together but water had gotten through the foam anyway. Failing that, and if you do have the semi solid closed cell foam pods just make sure there stuck down well, mine had been stuck on with what looked like a black blutack that had gone brittle and cracked off. i went and got me some Black Sikaflex and stick them down again. Water leak gone !! should you need c
  7. BIG thanks mate, thats getting bookmarked in the browser :)
  8. Hello, I have bought s*x-1750S speakers and also some little adapters for the wires, once i plug them into the wires in the doors, how do i know which spade goes onto which speaker terminal ? Regards
  9. Or would it be better to get Coax up front and ditch the door speakers ? or by a Component system to fit the front and still loose the door speakers ?
  10. Sorry, its a question as to weather they would fit, and if they would work :)
  11. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/150500998458?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 Thses fit an Aygo ok ? Gona rip out the front dash and A pillar Tweeters and stick the Tweeter where the front dash speaker would be using the wire from the A pillar Tweeter, and the 6.5 in the door, then get a small Under seat Sub
  12. Is there no other toyota that uses flat faced bolts ?
  13. odd that Toyota sold me a 52Ah battery not that i mind,
  14. Got my little 1.0 Aygo right here, with the tiny 42 Ah battery, it died today so had to buy a new one. The old one's one of them little ones with the fill ports, dint think they still had self service battery's these days. However on ringing Toyota and supplying them with my Reg, i have some away with the larger 55 Amp one that most people have listed for the 1.4 HDI, 1. is this ok 2. Have toyota Updated the spec for new batterys ? The thing fits ok and starts it like a dream :)
  15. If the bolts are the same length and pitch you could just use Yaris wheels nut then ? given the yaris nuts are flat face to fit the wheels ?
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