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  1. started the car this evning and all was fine stopped at the shop on the way home i lift the engine running as i was only going in for a moment when i came out the engine managment light was on with the VCS and TC lights i think it's the TC stopped working as this happend to my missus 307cc a few months back, but it seemed to short it's self out cus after a few day it came good again. Anyway will this be a big job? are hopefully it ends up like the 307 and sort it self out
  2. hello every one pretty new to this club. just trying to find my way around, could anyone tell me if theres a how to or DIY section here?
  3. the small bulb behind the lcd has blow the filement. it's not an easy fix but it can be done are u could just buy a new lcd are head down the breakers yard. i have just done a fix on mine i could post some pic if it is any help
  4. Could be the parcel self, or maybe one of the rear shock have failed my old rx8 made a knocking noise when i went over bumps checked the rear shock and found one of them to be leaking fluids, replaced it and the problem was solved
  5. headlights by designe are'nt air tight, because if they were the heat from the lamps would cas the head light to pressurise and cause the unit to crack and fail. this would happen to my old hyundai coupe gen3 and my RX8 if they had'nt been drive for sometime, i would just drive with the head lights on all day and that would sort it out.
  6. i have an 05 t3s and my light is completly out all the time. any know where i'd find instuctions on how to remove it?
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums barrym028 :)

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