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  1. Hello everyone, I have just joined the club. I have a Toyota Corolla T-Sport on a 05' plate and loved it until now! I have several code read problems, C1241, C1203, C1208, C1541, C1552. The main problem being a power steering problem, I first noticed when I bought it that the steering wheel didnt sit straight and the garage supposingly recified? It started pulling to the left and recently the power steering light came on briefly but the steering has gone stiff and the wheel keeps locking when you have to turn it more to left and right, I also got a burning smell. I am unable to drive it as it is and my garage is looking at it but is going to be difficult as all the probelms are electrical and cannot just renew a power steering motor until the steering and pulling to the left is rectified. We even tried changing the wheels round but was fruitless. I would really appreciate any advice and if anyone has experienced this problem before please or point me in the right direction if you would be so kind. I have also checked with toyota if there was a recall on this year for this problem and have said no and is out of its warranty!!! I know its a lot to ask on my first post but look forward to hearing form you. :)
  2. Hello everyone, I have had various Toyota's for years, my recent purchase was a Corolla T-Sport. I shall be asking for a bit of advice if thats ok? Unfortunately, I have a few problems.
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums kimi75 :)