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  1. Rollers 6

    Awd System

    Anchorman Thanks for that. The only reason I mentioned that the RAV might have had a viscous arragement is because that what the link suggested for vehicles built between 2001 - 2005. We only put the front axles on the rollers not both, which is why I was surprised that the RAV did not drive off. I do not have a RAV myself this was a customers vehicle as were the two others, they wanted see what would happen, I drive a Landcruiser 80 series and a Skoda Octavia with Haldex4. I do not do text speak either, lol, whatever that means. Off to-morrow to have an hour in the new Range Rover, Euro Millions will be required. Rollers
  2. Rollers 6

    Awd System

    Thanks for all the replies, I include Gust in this as well. I fogot to mention that there was an equally old Octavia there as well which coped with the rollers. It would appear that the RAV in question had a viscous coupling set up without the ability to to lock the centre diff as the first edition was able to do, and it would suggest that the system was not working as well as it should have been. I had no wish to denegrate any AWD system in any vehicle I was just pointing out that not all systems are as good as the literature sometime suggests. I am sure that the Freelander would also have coped with the rollers as it has a Haldex set up the same as the Skoda. This is a very interesting link, anything wrong with it, write to them not me. The spelling is so much better on this site than on some Land Rover forums Landcruiser 80 series
  3. Rollers 6

    Awd System

    As an instructor in 4x4 driving I was interested in an answer to the following. I have the use of two rollers which are placed underneath trhe wheels of mainly Land Rovers to explain what 4x4 actually means. The opportunity occured to place a two RAV 4 vehicles and a Skoda Octavia 4x4 on the rollers to see the systems in these cars working. Both rollers were placed under the front wheels of all three cars in turn. Both Rav 4 vehicles failed to drive off there was little or no transfer of power to the rear axle, no matter how much throttel was used, these were 2005 vehicles. The Skoda Octavia drove straight off after a quick transfer of power to the rear. This was 61 plate vehicle with a Haldex diff. It would suggest that although there are no bad AWD vehicles, some are better than others. A similar result can be seen on the link. It doe make you wonder.
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums Rollers 6 :)