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  1. Hi all has anyone had a problem with there steering on the Auris 2.0 d4d 2008. Mine has been back to the dealer 3 times i have only had it 7 weeks.The steering pulls both left and right very sharply like you have hit standing water for no reason at all .This does not happen all the time but does on a regular bases .It has had a new steering column, wheel alignment,tyre change and pressure check.I am very concerned at this point for the safety of not only myself but other drivers ,cyclists and pedestrians . Any help or advice would be great cheers Chris
  2. Sorry Uncle buck new to this . I am older than i want to be lol , so no boy racer.I have a 2.0D4Dsr 2008 used .I had a Corolla t sport before that for many happy years and wish i still had it
  3. Sorry Uncle Buck New to this .It is a Auris 2.0 D4D SR used 08.It has been a pain since day 1 .Water leak fixed strait away but the steering were do i start.It pulls randomly to the left and right like you have hit standing water,it pulls that sharp if you dont catch it you would mount the kerb or be over the other side of the road.I have had a toyota delivery driver in it when it happens and still they cannot find a problem?.I wonder what would happen if i hit a cyclist ? I am getting now were with the dealer . I have been told by them its the road surface ? but it happens on many different roads . any help please Chris
  4. I have only had my auris sr 2 months and it has been back to the dealer 3 times with steering problems .its had wheel alignment ,new steering column,tyre change round, tyre pressure set.It still has the same lightness in the steering and pulls like you have just hit water
  5. thanks very much

  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums chris27 :)