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  1. Thank you for all replies! Unfortunetely can't afford to wait til the weekend to take car back to garage (in Sunderland - I'm in North Yorkshire) as need the car before then! And at work all week (8 - 6). So dropped it off at local garage yesterday, and picking it up tomorrow. Will email pictures to seller and copy of receipt showing cost to fix it. It has an MOT , only bought car Saturday and they 'serviced' and 'mot-ed' it for us. I am also surprised it got through....especially as pressures cannot have been correct,must have been slowly going down to have caused us to have a flat tyre 5 hours after collecting it. Seems a bit dodgy really......but love car apart from that.....! I'm sorry....I have no idea what you're on about! (picture was taken in the dark though and car rather dirty?!)
  2. Thanks for replies guys - sent other half to take photos tonight, in dark, before dropping car off at garage round the corner.....should've gone and done it myself.....prepare for worst photos ever..... If photos fail, imagine tube shape (which the metal bit is, like a toilet roll cylinder,) with a bite taken out of one end/edge, semi-circle shape if you get me....... 3 of the valves are like this... worst photos ever coming up...........
  3. Hello! Newbie here..... Bought 2005 Rav4 XT5 from garage and collected it on Saturday. MOT etc all there. 5 or 6 hours later....(after driving from Sunderland, to Thirsk, to Hartlepool) and realise have a flat tyre!!!! Bit !Removed! annoying really, only 5 hours after buying it...... anyway.....everything was on mega tight so took forever to get off, couldn't inflate it because the tyre valve thingy appears to be cracked? With a chip in the side? and my pump, and air pump at petrol station won't fit it. After much perserverence and trying many different pumps, manage to inflate it somewhat but only once OFF the car (so changed wheel.....). Think ok.....bad luck maybe....perhaps it is slow puncture and can get need to panic/get annoyed..... Check rest of wheels for tyre pressure etc and find 2 of the other tyre valves are ALSO chipped/cracked broken. Tyre pressure on another wheel is low, so take it to petrol station today and try to inflate and won't inflate! Because of chipped/cracked valve thingy so wheel goes flat! ARGH! So have to change wheel again (back to somewhat inflated one that became spare.....) MEGA annoying! Question really is, has anyone else come across cracked/chipped tyre valves like this? Which won't inflate with pumps and if so any words of wisdom on what to do? Do you reckon we should contact garage got it from and complain? Is just so annoying.......that just don't know what to do now really! Hope someone has some words of wisdom, or similar experience to share...... thanks!
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums monkeyferret :)