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  1. Happy Birthday anagantios!

  2. Don't worry, i post more on a different site... Shame for your rolla to have a knackered gearbox :(
  3. found that...
  4. anagantios

    Corolla G6

    That saxo probably had a turbo under the hood and a massive amount of work done to the engine....
  5. no longer needed, found one on ebay.
  6. Thanks frosty realised after I posted I put it in the wrong bit
  7. As the title suggests, I'm in desperate need of a new passenger side headlight, some B$&$"£$ has smashed mine in, don't know who has done it or why, but it's knackered :( Anyone has one or knows of someone scrapping a 99 'Rolla, please, please let me know!
  8. Oldcodger, it has had issues with starting. Sometimes it's a bit slow on the motor so when I've got the money I'm replacing the whole distributor, rotor arm and coilpack, already got it priced up and because I'm doing the work myself no need for a mechanic. I replaced the spark plugs a couple months ago, so they shouldn't need changing any time soon. Wasn't aware I had carburetors on my model... 4aFe engine 8valve and fairly sure its petrol injection.
  9. Hi everyone, Since my last post i've had a few issues with my little 'rolla... Now i'm not entirely sure this autospark knows what the hell he's talking about because the last time he worked on my car and was meant to have adjusted the throttle body and my idle speed, he didn't tighten up my throttle properly and it jammed wide open and nearly blew my engine. Basically the cutting out at low revs has started again, with little to no power when pressing accelerator, or the exact opposite and all the power comes flooding through... He's basically said my ECU is on the way out BUT and it's a big but... When my car cut out infront of the house, popped the bonnet and had a look at everything, wiggled the cables coming from the distributor cap, and the cable leading from there to No.1 spark plug seemed to be loose as when it was wiggled, the engine revs shot back up to normal... This is leading me to think it's the coilpack,distributor cap and rotor arm and not the ECU... Anyone got any ideas? Is it more likely the Dizzy and not the ECU and if it really is a kiss of death for my rolla, is it better to try and fix the ecu or just get a new car?
  10. Yesterday, coolwater blue (purple) corolla, 3door hatchback model, s360jal cut me up on A610 roundabout, damn near took my bumper off. Are your eyes painted on or are your mirrors for decoration? Cause you certainly didn't react to me blasting the horn
  11. not a clue on tyres. Did changing that sensor help you in any way at all?
  12. I'm on 10w40 semi synthetic, apparently that's what my corolla should be using
  13. i've tried ebay, they were trying to charge me a ridiculous amount even if i went there myself and dismantled it
  14. Hey, from what i understand, once a car is over 20 years old it becomes a classic car, which might be why they're noticing it...that, and i've only ever seen 2 different reg but same coloured ones in derbyshire :)