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  1. guys I have a 2002 Rav4 VX vvti automatic, 5 door. I posted on here a while back about the gears on my Rav4. Just after Xmas my gears seemed to be 'slipping' as i was driving and then 'clunked' into place. I was told by a few members of this site that it may have been the ECU which may need to be reconfigured, and gave details of a compnay that would re-configure it, but I would have to manually take the ECU out and post it to them. ( I could not do this at the time) Anyhow, since then I took it to my local Toyota garage. initially I was told that the gearbox oil was low.. so I had the oil changed £120 ( was also told brake pads worn so paid for that too £150) Car seemed 'better' for a week or so.. then problem came back with a vengeance. Not only were gears slipping, but car lost acceleration, especially uphill. Back into the Toyota garage today. Now have been told its a total gearbox malfunction, which is also effecting the oxygen sensors ( 2 sensors showing abnormal reading) anyway, +the ECU and it will be £3707 to fix! I love my Rav4, it has only done 66k miles. I know there are other options, but if anyone can give me advice where to go from now, it would be a great help. why didnt the Toyota garage pickup on the gearbox problem in the first instance? why just ask to change the oil? i have attached their latesr quote. Does anyone Toyota spectialists in the Kent/ West kent area? thanks in advance. toyota quote324.pdf
  2. Have not ye booked it at ECM testing as I need my car for school runs. Has anyone tried turning the O/D off so it stops the car shifting to a higher than 3rd gear?
  3. Thanks Skittles. I will get on to ECu testing. How long does this take to get it reconfigured generally? will keep you posted on how this goes!
  4. Hi guys, some really helpful info on here. I have a 2002 Rav4 auto, around 60,000 miles only ( Vx model) have had a similar issue. decelarating and a thump sound from the back. local mechanic said it's the gearbox and changed the oil in it. its not as bad but still the problem is there. Have had the car since 2006 with no issues.. however the engine light ( on the dash) appeared to go on and off about 2 years ago and last year it seemed to not go off at all so now its on permanently..was told that its a common electrical fault in RAVs and the car drove fine ( passed MOT etc) wondering now if I should have it checked out properly by ECMtesting or just drive it around for a while and see how it goes. dont want to do permanent damage by not getting something sorted if thats what i need to do. any comments would be helpful. thanks
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums boosaraff :)