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  1. Thanks, I have had all suspension and bushings check on a rolling road and had all pads greased but the nnoise is still there.
  2. Thanks for the info Chris. On my air filter box the hose is connected externally rather than internally and seems to be quite tightly fitted. Or do you mean the actual part of the filter box that the hose clips onto?
  3. To check it - remove a front wheel, grab the complete outer section of the caliper - where the pads are, and see if there's any movement when pushed in towards the engine, or out towards you. There should be none, or very little. If there's movement it makes the same noise during testing as it does while driving, but to a lesser extent. It's a Toyota only part, IIRC about forty quid per side, and the work is similar to changing pads but without the need to actually remove the pads. Make sure you get the correct guide pin kit for your car as there's at least two different ones. The ebay ones we
  4. You got me thinking now Alan. Will check that out tomorrow. Thanks for the info. If this is the case where do you get the kits, what price and are they easy to fit?
  5. Thanks for that Jombob, will check it out.
  6. Hi can anybody help. My 2006 Avensis has an an annoying rattle/vibration which seems to come from under the car when driving low speed on an estate road or car park where tarmac is a little worn. I have had the suspension checked, had the car looked over to see if anything is loose underneath or in engine bay but still it drives me mad. My only consolation (if you can call it that) is that I have spoken to a work mate who says he has the same problem but has put his through 2 MOT's. Any ideas?
  7. Thanks Frankie, I have bought parts from Traynors before for other cars and they are usually have good stock. Thanks Alan, I read the manual and it just says side door or boot.
  8. Must try that. I am in Derry.
  9. I think you might be on to something. Just noticed tonight that interior light does not light when either back door is opened. Is this a trip to the dealer for new switches ? Sounds expensive.
  10. I have a 2006 2lt D4D Avensis. My problem is with the central locking. I know you have 30 secs to open a door when unlocking with the remote key before the doors lock again. However my car still locks again after 30 secs if a rear door is opened first. There is no bother and it remains unlocked when the front doors or boot is opened first. I have tried taking off the child locks but it still does the same. Please help????
  11. Hi, can anybody help? I no that when you unlock the car with the remote key you have 30 secs to open a door before it locks again. My car locks all doors again if I open a rear door first. It is ok if I open a front door first. Is there any way to reset this? Cheers Simon.
  12. Thanks for that Pete. Have to find someone with a multimeter.
  13. Hi, This is probably easy to do, but can anyone tell me how to test the glow plugs on an 06 2lt D4D Avensis to see if thy need replaced? The car is hard to start of a morning. Cheers Simon.
  14. Had My 2006 2lt D4D for a month and I have a few problems with the locking system. The manual states you have 30 secs to open a side door after unlocking with the remote key until the doors lock again. Sometimes my doors lock again even when a door has been opened. Also, sometimes when unlocking with the remote key the passenger side doors open and I have to press again to unlock the drivers side doors. Any help please?
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