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  1. Hi mate - since i mentioned it before that i was gonna tackle the water pump and timing belt on my 96 carina with a 4afe, I recently completed it. Belt was in good shape, pump i am not so sure, but all running good and temp keeping perfectly well on the old girl now. A job I always wanted to tackle and glad to now have it under my belt.
  2. Just caught up on this thread, great work going on keep at it! Car looks super and these are now all too rare (at least in this part of the world where they used to be absolutly everywhere) Its also prompted me to get my own Carina back on the road - she is a 1996 GLI liftback and just under 230k miles on it - It failed the test on emissions last year and at the same time I got my Townace Camper to pass its test, so I was able to just park it up. So i reckon a new cat will do it. While its parked up i have a timing belt and water pump to fit. The car has been in the family since brand new
  3. Hey - not sure you got this solved, but I had a fuel injector go a few years ago on my Carina E - just give them a listen with a screw driver and if one is not clicking, that could be it. Important to get the same colour one to replace. I think you are safe enough with same colour of same era Toyota - mine was blue. A little leak from the rail when i fitted first, but new O-Ring sorted it. Hope that helps
  4. HI guys - wanting some info if anyone here might know. I have a 1991 Townace it has the 2C-T engine in it and it needs a diesel injection pump, part number of the pump is 22100-6A660 and I am having difficulty getting a replacement - probably because its a jap import. I know carina e and early avensis use the same engine, but as far as i can tell that pump part number is 22100-6D811 - is there any possibility that one of these might work for me? There are plenty of old avensis and carina e in the scrap yards I could probably pick on up easily. Or Should I just look at getting it reb
  5. Hi guys - I have a 1991 Townace 2l Turbo diesel - its got the 2C-T engine in it - I need an injection pump for it as the old one has packed in. The part number of it 22100-6A660 - I am not locating one with this exact part number too easily - but since the 2C-T was in many toyotas - (avensis, carina etc) and since its a jap import - would it be possible to use other injector pumps of a different part number in its place? Thanks Dan
  6. Hi guys, if anyone knows of a townace being broken - let me know, i need a few bits its a 1991 model - 2 litre turbo diesel This is the one: <img src="http://auto.xn----itbkqkfiq.xn--p1ai/images1/toyota-townace-18-4.jpg" />
  7. hi Ash - did you ever move this on? I am looking for Townace parts if you still have it. thanks Dan
  8. i was able to track down a carina e part so wont need to try an E10 piece after all-
  9. hi lads i have a carina e 1.6 petrol, the exhaust broke just behind the mid silencer and there is no pipe left to weld on to - i have found locally an e10 corolla breaking - do you think i got the mid silencer and cut it off with say 6-10 inches of pipe left coming out that i could trim my own pipe and join them with something like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-STAINLESS-STEEL-50MM-EXHAUST-PIPE-CLAMP-ON-CONNECTOR-JOINER-SLEEVE-SWAGED-/261825967794?hash=item3cf60b36b2:g:ki8AAOSw34FVFBGJ kinda depends it the flange will match up and if there is any angle coming out of the silencer What
  10. i have developed a squeal when car starts up and the steering wheel is turned - I would think the powersteering belt is stretched/loose - because of its age, i will have a go at replacing it - not sure if just adjusting the pulley to tighten it will do so replacement will be best option - has anyone done this before on a 4afe? not sure if i need to remove the alternator belt first to get the PS belt off. thanks
  11. locked with a key in the door - so yeah id say i will whipping off the door card and starting with the actuator
  12. didnt get near t this weekend, but from tomorrow it will get a daily 60 mile spin - so we will see how she is really going - hope it doesnt let me down. have one niggle i must sort, the central locking is not working from the drivers door lock - from the passenger door is fine and also the door locking button on the drivers door controls - id say a linkage is worn that runs off the drivers door actuator - will remove the door card and investigate
  13. great to see the effort being put in keep this E on the road - i have mine back on the road now after shifting on my mk2 avensis (too many problems creeping into her) - might drive it for a few months, maybe a year who knows, at least its moving again after 9 years of sitting up at home. i was also wondering about my timing belt, there is 192k miles on the car and i don't know when it was last changed - i think its a non-interferance (1.6 4afe) engine so am willing to take the chance on her - especially now knowing that @blue streak's one managed 140k - fingers crossed. its a job i would love
  14. heres a sneak preview - i have it taxed and insured, waiting on a test date but once i get one i can drive it away - hope to get a good clean up done this weekend - bonnet will need a proper respray but i am not in a major hurry for that - going to do the bumpers while i am at it - scuffed at every corner.
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