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  1. Handbrake? That would be done by the driver. She did nothing other than just sit there with her foot on the accelerater and hold the car in the lane when it suddednly started to slow down for no reason at all. I was thinking along the lines of maybe accelerater failure? Aren't they all done by radio signal rather than cable nowadays?
  2. Kingo, that's exactly my point mate. She was just driving along when the car just lost all forward momentum. It was rush hour and the road she was on is one of the busiest in Teesside and was extremely busy just then (6pm) and it was belting down with rain so the old woman behind didn't realise that my sisters car was stopping due to their being no brakes lights to warn her. (my sister didn't touch the brakes hence the brake lights didn't illuminate). She was just trundling along at a steady 60mph and had no reason to operate the clutch so the mats (which were fastened down) couldn't have caught the clutch. And getting caught UNDER the clutch wouldn't have caused the car to suddenly slow down. RMB have since tried to say that she must have been driving with her foot on the clutch (at 60mph!) but have also said there is no sign of excessive wear and tear on the clutch. If she had been driving at 60mph with enough pressure on the clutch to cause it to slip to the point that the car slowed to a halt then I would expect to see some damage on the clutch plates. When she had the crash both myself and the attending copper could detect a strong smell in the car which we both agreed smelt like a burnt out clutch. Something went wrong with the car and I'm hoping to hear of similar problems so that when i go to RMB tonight for my meeting with the manager I can provide him with some historical evidence that there IS a problem with the car.
  3. Sorry, it's a 1lt but I'm not sure of the model. It's a manual gearbox.
  4. My sister has just bought a Yaris from RMB Toyota Teesside. She was driving along at 60mph last week when the car lost all forward momentum and consequently someone drove into the back of her! Luckily she wasn't injured. I had it towed to RMB Toyota who have checked it out and have said that they can't find any faults so we should just take the car away. When it happened the engine continued to run, the electrical system continued to function but it was as if someone had just put the brakes on (she hadn't!!) The car has only 124 miles on the clock and yet we are having a very hard time getting either RMB or the Customer Relations Dept to do anything as they both keep saying we should deal with the other one! (ie, RMB say deal with Toyota and Toyota say deal with RMB!!!!) Has anyone else had or heard of similar problems? Thanks in advance.
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums ItsMe2 :)