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  1. Ok thanks. Do you have a link to a simple guide on how to change the fuse? Cheers.
  2. Do you think a blown fuse could be the problem?
  3. When I said recently I only meant it in the figurative sense. It was actually about 6 months ago that this happened (garage was Kwikfit) so I suppose it's far to late now. Yes, I regret not doing that at the time...
  4. Hi all, glad to be here. I recently had a failed alternator which was subsequently replaced along with the battery. Ever since then, there has been a few glitches with the electronics. Basically, the rear windscreen wiper no longer works, and the radio signal appears to be much weaker than it was before. I'm no mechanic, but could it be a blown fuse? It might be wishful thinking on my part as that's probably the only thing I'm capable of fixing by myself. I know it's a long shot, but has anyone here had a similar issue after changing the battery? Many thanks!
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums bluesandwich :)

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      Thanks, glad to be here!