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  1. All i asked was how many ports so im guessing the answer you wanted to post was "sorry i dont know" ...The 2012 Autodata book only gives refridgerant gas amounts for the 2002 Corolla not the location of the ports and as only the Low Pressure is visable it would save time knowing if the High Pressure is hidden ie like a new shape Corsa where you have to remove the O/S/F headlamp to gain access.
  2. Removed my pollen filter today, and as you thought it looked like a birds nest..put a new one in and hey presto my heater is back to full perfomance..thanks. Am i right in thinking theres only a Low Pressure port on the Aircon side of things as im going to get it regassed this week and i know they will ask ( my previous cars have had both High and Low ports ) thanks again.
  3. Hi all, anyone any ideas why me recently purchased T-Sport has a lack of air from the heating? The blower motor runs ok and even on full speed and set to demist the windscreen very little air comes onto the screen...even if i set it to come out the dash vents again very little air comes out making demisting a slight issue in this weather. Regards Steve
  4. Whoop whoop all sorted...easy when you know how...cheers
  5. Thanks, ive tried holding the trip button down but that just zero's everything. If i hold the mode button for a few seconds it beeps then the illumination on the display goes out...think ive tried most combinations except the correct!!
  6. Hi all, just picked up a 52 plate T-Sport which im really pleased with, however one thing is bugging can i change the fuel computer into MPH / MPG instead of the KPH / LITRES ? Thanks.
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums Steve76254 :)