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  1. Please may you send further details of his Nigerian bank account so I transfer a very large deposit before going to northeast Scotland to collect from oil rig ?
  2. Still looking. May consider a petrol version.
  3. No worries, good luck with your sale.
  4. I know it’s a long shot but I’m looking for a Yaris Verso D4d. We’ve had two in the past and really not sure why we parted with both. My wife misses the simplicity and versatility so anyone is looking to sell please get in touch. Happy to pay the proper amount for a properly well looked after example. Here’s hoping. Thanks in advance.
  5. How long have you owned it Eric, and how many owners in total ?
  6. Thanks for the price Rob. look forward to seeing some pics.
  7. How much you looking for ?
  8. There must be better places to meet up than roundabouts 😂
  9. no worries good luck with your sale. perhaps advertise when you're less busy in the future
  10. I've tried contacting you, even put my phone number on a public forum (now removed), one can only assume that you've already sold or don't want to sell. Good luck with your sale. regards
  11. Thanks for the response, do you know whether mapping is an option as I was led to believe that the denso system was more difficult to overcome hence my question regarding tuning boxes ?
  12. I guess nobody has any experiences of these ?
  13. Hello all, Having been in touch with Lindop Toyota regarding the above I find that they no longer do the boxes for the Hiace D4D. A chappy there told me they used to be manufactured in Germany, so having bought many things for my VW's over the years from Germany I wondered if anyone could shed any light on the German manufacturer of the said boxes ? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  14. Sizes please, number of studs, et etc and where are you located ? Thanks