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  1. Hi, I've just returned from a trip to France, about 2000 miles of motorway driving. I used two different bike racks and carried one bike out and brought two bikes back.The first rack was a Saris Bones 2 bike carrier and carrying one bike I clocked about 63mpg over 600 miles. I then swapped to a Halfords Hi bike carrier and had two bikes and, over a 320 mile trip, got 46mpg. I thought something was wrong! The bikes protruded over the back of the car by about 200mm. I then changed to the Saris carrier with two bikes and got about 56mpg over the next 600 miles (no protrusion at rear). Back home, no load and no bikes and back to 62+mpg. Anybody had similar experiences? I suppose on the France trip the total extra weight of bikes and gear would be equivalent to carrying two extra passengers.
  2. I have to confess to some amazement at this. I suppose I've never had a read-out giving fuel economy before and so have never been that bothered about exact mpg. Thank you for your comments and help, both brief and enlarged!
  3. Hi, I have an 11 plate Yaris 1.4 diesel. I was getting a steady 61/62 mpg until I last filled the tank (not from a supermarket) when it dropped to 53/54 mpg. No noticeable change in performance. Anyone got any ideas what might cause this drop before I take it to the garage?
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums brayn99 :)