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  1. Hi..and thanks for the advise...nothing about that in the manual?....I will give it a go..but I would prefer to "remove" the siren from the equation if possible .....at least my neighbours won't complain.... Stu
  2. Hi all, recently aqyuired an old rav4 (1999)..but alarm keeps going off at night. Not bothered about an alarm, and was wondering if there is aany simple way to permanently deactivate it or is it safe to just cut the wires to the siren? ..i see this seems to be a common problem, but i canot find a suitabnle solution. i thought that not using the remote may not set the alarm...but it appears that it does. I cannot find anything noted in the manual. Thanks for any help...
  3. Hi Heidfirst...many thanks for your reply...I will start looking and see what I can find... stu
  4. Hi both..and thanks for your replies... ..I will see what I can find on autotrader!
  5. Hi all, I am looking to change my current car, a Skoda 2lt diesel. I have been put off another Skoda / diesel due to DPF problems and the like, and we don't do a lot of miles per year (less than 10,000). I do not know anything about the Avensis, but I like the idea of Toyota reliability, and I also like the idea of an automatic. Does anybody have any strong views on the 1.8 petrol Avensis?..particularly regarding any "known" problems...and also would it be OK to Tow a small caravan with this? I would be looking at about 3 years old max, and sub 40k with a budget around 10-12k Many thanks for any responses
  6. Hi Mrbilly, thanks for the reply, and the figures...I will crunch some numbers but I don't think it will work for us due to low annual mileage (only planning to use it over winter...we alternate it with an old MX5 ...6 months about, (MX crap in snow....and we are a bit "rural")...plus car is an early one an probably not worth much more than a grand... ..but I appreciate your time in replying thanks....Stu
  7. Hi Mr. Billy, Please could yo advise who did the conversion, and what ws the cost?..Alos, where did they put the tank? thanks
  8. Hi both, and thanks for your replies...looks like I will be giving it a miss!
  9. Hi all, Have recently "swapped" my R reg Rav 4, for a friends S reg 3 door Automatic (2ltr petrol). Mainly because this car has been owned by them from new (ie full service history), and has only done 60k miles......we intend to keep if for a while and I was wondering if it would be worth doing an LPG conversion? Has anybody had one done on one of these,and what were the results?...nb would probably only be using it in the "6" "winter months", and probably not much mre than 4k miles.... Thanks....
  10. Stubod

    Car Swap

    hi all, ..wont bother you with the details of why, but we have an R reg Rav 3 door auto (105k miles....ok 'ish condition for year, bought as a "winter" car about 2 years ago), which I now need to sell as we are having my parents S reg Rav 4 auto (65k miles...good condition, full history). ..any idea what sort of money each one would be worth? (ie selling ours, and won't to give parents the right price for theirs) ..thanks for any replies Stu
  11. ...££"!"££$%^(**%^......gutted.....another myth destroyed....another car of my wish list........Saab / Skoda / now RAV diesel...think I will go back to a Subaru..! ..however many thanks for the heads up.....is the "post 2008" diesel any better?
  12. Hi both and thanks for the replies......any info on "pre-problem diesels...??....should I be worried...?..I thought toyopta diesels were OK, but to be fair I have only just started looking for one....mind you we probably only do 12k miles a year now..
  13. Hi anybody, Last year we bought an "old" (1998) rav 4 to use of winter. (typically not much snow), this year however it has come into its own, and is generally a great car to drive, although being 2 litre, old, petrol, and automatic, the mpg is not much to write home about. Originally I was going to change our main car (Octavia) for another Octavia, but have been so impressed with the RAV thought I may "upgrade" to a newer one (can't afford new). Does anybody have an opinion on which model I should look for?. sorry if its a bit of an open ended question, but would not want much over 40k miles, and under 5 years old, petrol (with LPG?....is this possible / worthwhile), or just go for a diesel? Also best place to buy? We live in Wales, and there does not seem to be much of a choice.... Any input welcome.... Thanks
  14. Welcome to the Toyota forums Stubod :)

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