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  1. Hi all, So I need to replace the clutch in my Celica ssIII, but I don't know anything about clutches so not too sure what type to get I'm looking for something heavy duty as I do thrash the car around from time to time, but it is also my daily driver. I had called a clutch company yesterday and they told me that celicas don't generally take well to new clutches so I'd be better off just repairing my current one (I think is a load of crap!) So for this reason I am requesting advice from those who own celicas... what would you suggest/recommend for a heavy duty clutch on a daily driver? someth
  2. selling my lovely celica.. :<

  3. Hey all, havent really been on this forum in ages! so apologies! hehe I have almost come to the end of my time being a proud toyota owner, and now looking into selling my much loved vehicle However, there are a few things that need repairing in my car before i sell her Turns out that the figure 8 ball joint and control arm are irreversably damaged, and i'm needing to look into replacing both of these (the car feels extremely unsafe to drive, like the wheel is going to fall off at any given minute) anybody done this type of work before?? and if so, what processes would be taken to combat this
  4. I'd say just check for the standards like oil leaks, rust etc. i don't own a GT but if I did I'd be the type to thrash it, so just check that the previous owner didn't do the same :P they're awesome cars btw, made a goooooooood choice
  5. I'm thinking of removing the spoiler on my ssIII celica, however I'm a little unsure if it'll look nice (vanity much) I've seen some without them and they either look nice or crap... thoughts?
  6. Car has been gasless for a week now :< miss driving it.

  7. I have that with my car, its something to do with the interference of abs or something and the alarm. I find pressing the alarm button so it unlocks, then turning the key, fires up the engine. May not be relative to your car, but its worth a shot.
  8. Probably the wrong place to post this but meh, I'm sure it'll get redirected if it is.. A few months back now I had installed aftermarket sony speakers to the front door panels in my car, partially because when I purchased it, the speaker on the driver side didn't work and I'm a bit of an audiophile. Anywho, when I took out the stock speakers I noticed that they were much larger to the 6.5" speakers I was replacing them with, I believe they were 7"-7.5". May I ask what people did to get over the size issue? are there 7" aftermarket speakers out there? because the largest I could find was 6.5"
  9. I guess it would make more sense if what they did was to increase the 'fun' value without breaking the speed limit, I still reckon it's underpowered and coulda had more potential. But that's just my opinion. But also on the flipside, with the smaller engine I'd assume gas is much cheaper?
  10. Hey thanks a bunch! I tend to get a lot of compliments in relation to my Bug-eyed companion :3 she may not be a gt-four, but meh. Fast enough for me!
  11. Dood! Love your username haha!

  12. Give it racing stripes, scientifically proven to go faster if it has racing stripes :P but otherwise *drools* mighty jealous of you
  13. I personally think (hope I'm not flaming here) they made a huge mistake in relation to power for the 86 model. correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that car fitted with a 2.0L, 4 cylinder engine? I would have expected Toyota to have something similar to that of a supra with a 3.0L, 6 cylinder engine. They also have the 86 equipped with slim tyres.. If I did have an 86, I'd wanna be able to drive it without the fear of skidding at 20km/h.. Of course I could be completely wrong here, and severely off topic from the "what happened to Celicas" question that prompted this thread. But more on topic, I
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