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  1. Hi guys , Richard here 9 (newb) so go easy. :) I picked up my new (to me) 05 Rav XTR last Sunday and was well impressed, comfy etc etc. However, now ive got over the' new car' vibe ive noticed one really annoying trait. On light release/closed throttle the car jerks/splutters then clears, any gear, any revs ! grrr Is this ' normal' for Ravs or possible throttle sensor issue? Any help greatly recieved, cheers...........mine's a blue one!! :)
  2. Hi all, I'm Richard & new to all this 4 x 4 stuff lol. just got me an 05 RAV4 2.0 xtr
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums bakerbard :)

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      Cheers mate, think i'll be doing your head in though, got loadsa questions lol