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  1. Hi, I have on eBay for sale my Corollas oem headunit, mint condition and fully functional. Item number: 301085335713 Feel free to contact me on here or on eBay with any questions or offers.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for someone or a recommendation of a decent and trustworthy garage to give my CTS a full service. I'm based in Essex (St Osyths - Near Clacton on Sea) although I am in Norfolk every other weekend more or less. If you can help then please drop me a pm :)
  3. Also the Toyota logo badge on the boot..
  4. Parcel shelf and oem t sport floor mats Or if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be appreciated. Thanks :)
  5. I've also read up on the lift bolts and ocv, when lift was engaging it was bouncing the revs at around 7k-ish then the management lights came on so if the bolts were broken it would still allow the revs to go up to the limiter, right? So maybe it's the ocv? Can it be cleaned/checked? I'm a bit of a novice so not wanting to dive in and make it worse. Also the car had only done around 100miles in the last year so lack of use may be the problem?? "/
  6. As the title says, lift not engaging and have engine management lights on. Just disconnected battery as I read this can solve the problem. Gonna leave it over night for the ecu to perhaps reset?! Any other ideas or causes? Checked my levels and all was ok, and the oil looked clean. Please help!!!!
  7. Hi everyone, my name's Lee, recently bought a Corolla T Sport (2001) and loving it already :) I need a few bits for it but not sure where to start, any help appreciated!
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums L330wnz :)

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