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  1. Specially for you kashbg. I do not mean look suspiciously. We offer help and knowledge.
  2. Thanks business will do fine. You didn't discover anything new you can get those from fiew places including Spain, Czech Republic, if you able go for it.
  3. Ok I think only solution is to buy yourself that replacement and have new reflector for fiew months, I'm not going to sell you for anything for 5£ I did wrote this post to help other people. Only reason you here is to promote own stuff that you probably selling.
  4. If you don't change the attitude I will stop replying anything to you
  5. These lights are replacement parts light output is worst than those you have got on your car. It's nice you emailed us before whit quote obviously was too high for you. You know what I mean. I hope youre going to be happy whit your own equipment.
  6. The difference is huge, and his my customer. I do not need self promote. I try helping over this forum and enable access to genuine parts. I'm sure admins can verify pm's
  7. Here we are talking about orginal Xenon light, HID is Chinese production same stuff thats TYC. Xenon HID is a replacment of orginal xenon light. Orginals produce more clearer and powerfull light beam thats what the pictures show, they will not blind you on the road.
  8. Warranty is great thing but youre buying halogen headlight not xennon its alot dimmer (by 90%) you cannot buy new xennon headlight. Did you acctually fitted such replacment parts? This is what you do buying those lights Pictures provided by google
  9. Wea re not enemies, we here to share knowledge and help, whats on your mind cooper?
  10. Yeah brand new stright from china There is only 1 orginal manufacturer in the world and its KOITO rest whatever the price are replacment parts Orginal new koito can be bought from dealership and its around 1000 pounds for a set /EDITED/ http://www.micksgara...168583&pk=46E7A Ive actually emailed the garage and asked some questions BLACK are my questions, RED are response from garage, here are the results: Is that headlight ORGINAL? or replacement part, - This is a replacement part. is it xennon headlight? - No, halogen. <----------- what sort of warranty it have? One year manufacturer warranty Where it have been manofactured? Asia and what company made it? TYC
  11. buying second hand headlight and taking it apart will have same defect reflectors simply burn out, replacement parts are very poor quality and have alot shorter lifespan not mention weak brackets any hand made respraying or tape it will affect light distortion, Are you sure thats xennon headlight? i belive its cheap conversion of H7 thats comes so cheap
  12. As promised before here is the vid how to remove the headlights out.
  13. As promised here I'm posting a short video how to release bumper to take out the headlights.