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  1. Hi guys, sorry to bring this old thread back but I just thought I'd say hi as there was a picture of my car in it (the blue one on UK plates). As far as I know all UK cars are 'R' engined, hence the RX30 model code, but most other markets got the six cylinder 'M' engine too. Basically and swap you could perform on an R engined car (Celica etc) or M engined car (Supra) could be done to a Cressida (if you're handier than me!). Suspension is coil springs all round, MacPherson struts on the front, the rear axle is a live unit (although there was IRS on some Chaser models I believe). Body styles include saloon, estate and coupe. Stud pattern is 4x114.3. Various guises are known as Cressida, MarkII and Chaser.
  2. Hi, I don't have one myself - but I am interested in the more extreme sides of Japanese car culture (Bosozuku, Garuchan, Shakotan and the like) which your van is part of. Can you get a group of people together for the Retro-Rides show? I bet they'd love to see you there! :) www.retro-rides-show.com www.retro-rides.com
  3. I'm no expert, but your easiest bet might be an 18RG (found in early GT Celicas). Failing that, the Cressida was available with an M engine in various markets, so fitting an M is definitely an option, but you may have to source some extra bits.
  4. It's even nicer in the flesh. I find it hard to believe an enthusiast would steal it for parts or to ring it. I can't help thinking it might end up on a dirt oval somewhere surrounded by Granadas
  5. Thanks for clicking in folks...over on the www.retro-rides.com forum one of our members has had a rather special car stolen. It's not a Toyota but it is a classic J-car - a Datsun 180B SSS. I'm sure as classic J-car fans you understand how rare a car like this is and feel equally repulsed at the theft of any of our cars. This is the car in question: The car was stolen from Bournemouth, but please keep your eyes open wherever you are. If you see or hear anything relevant you can contact the owner via this thread: http://retrorides.proboards29.com/index.cg...read=1132770923 on our forum. Thanks guys!
  6. Welcome to the board. Got any pictures of your Cressida? I've got a '79 RX30 Cressida, it's nice to see they're getting some recognition.
  7. Your KE70 looks beautiful...and ready for some serious (but tasteful!) mods! Keep us posted on developments, eh?
  8. Cheap RA28? Those two word together scare me a lot! Looking forward to those pics!
  9. Hi David, first of all, nice car. I have a quick question for you about the feasibility ofimporting older Japanese cars...do you know the costs and regulations involved? Over on the www.retro-rides.com forum we're always drooling over stuff for sale on Yahoo auctions and although I'm sure none of us would be making immediate purchases it would be nice to know what's involved. The sort of stuff we're on about is in these threads: http://retrorides.proboards29.com/index.cg...read=1124876094 http://retrorides.proboards29.com/index.cg...read=1121967569
  10. Although it's a hard search Yahoo (auctions) Japan might have what you need: http://search1.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/sea...cale=0jp&acc=jp http://page8.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/h28388670
  11. I'm in the planning process of fitting a Celica Supra (MA61) engine (5M-GE) into my '79 Cressida (RX30). Does anyone have any knowledge/info of this swap or a similar one. (perhaps an M engine into an R-engined Celica?). My main reason for believing the swap is a potentially good one is that, in other markets, the Cressida was available with the M engine from the factory...does anyone know of any M engined Cressidas in the UK?
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