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  1. A massive thanks all the replys to my dilemma. Alfejts your right about something would have been picked up in service/MOT. I had mot in June and a service in December and all that was mentioned was the rear tyres having small cracks in edges that could be due to low mileage!! I've never had it with any if my other cars tyres!! I will endeavour to take to to a tyre bar and have them give it the once over!! Thanks again to all who have responded 👍
  2. Hey cheeky!!!! Lol I think you mean heavy handed!! I have tested my it on as little turn as needy and even very slowly. This only make is skip still but at a slower rate but it still does it. I would say its worse when the roads are wet. It doesn't help that all road surfaces now are shot to pieces!! I will ask the very lovely people at Christchurch Tyres to check my tracking, wheels and tyres. I do keep my tyres pumped on a regular basis so I look after them. I don't do many miles so I am getting tyre split on the outer edges due to this, well so I'm told by the garage! Thank you and no offence taken MikeSh. :)
  3. Thanks t-spiritpete and Geoff that all makes sense. I did find something online about Ackerman angel. It hasn't just started but it's either got worse or I'm just noticing it more!! More like the latter!! I will take it to a tyre place and get it tracked its worth a try. Thanks for all your help everyone I'm so glad I joined :) x
  4. I meant 2011!! It's the newer shape T3 Manual reg date August 2008
  5. Thanks for the advice so far! Cyker your right about the discription like the wheels being dragged sideways. The roads are dry today and it hasn't done it as much. It happens even when I reverse out of my drive and pull away so not even on full lock!! Chris81 it happens both directions the wheels are turned. I brought it December last year to replace my car after someone side swiped me!! Was looking for something reliable so hope this isn't going to be a costly repair if it need it!! It's very annoying as people look when they hear it!! It looks like its not doing the tyres any good either!! :(
  6. I'm experiencing a strange effect on the front wheels of my 08 yaris when I move it with the steering on full lock and sometimes just turning 90 degrees. I get a sort of hopping/wobbling/skipping sensation from the front wheels. I'm worried it could be dangerous it happens on any road surface in any weather conditions!! Please help so I some idea when I have to visit a garage. When a women explains anything they seem to always think its in our heads!! I'd rather have a solid idea or name for what it could be. Thank you
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums Joddrick :)

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      Hi and thanks :)

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