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  1. That's great Kingo thanks for that and after reading everything on the numerous different threads I think I made a wise choice to change the lot. She's my baby and I look after her really well so it's only right that I do it properly and not cut corners. At the end of the day it carries the most important things in my life, my family, so I need it to be safe and reliable. Regards
  2. Cheers Kingo that makes it a lot easier although I still can't find that 'Monster Thread'.....
  3. I don't know if this helps or not but thoufght I would share my experince and who know it may help you save some money. I drove to Germany at the beginning of the year to visit my family and the rear washer stopped working on my 2004 Avensis D4D so when I arrived my dad grabbed an air hose (he has a fully equiped garage lucky me) and blasted some air down the nossel where the washer sprays out of. This seemed to clear some kind of blockage and it's been working ever since.
  4. Ok so I opted to change the DMF in the end although I use 'opted' very lightly as I was more forced really, after we took it out and found it to be quite worn. I even had to change the clutch cylinder behind the pedal which actually cheesed me off the most because it was fine except for 1 of the 'hook/pins' that attach it to the pedal had snapped off and nobody sells these seperately which is a big con in my eyes but that's probably the whole point from a manufacturers view. The whole job cost me £850 all in and to be honest if I don't have any trouble with it in the next 5-7yrs I'll be very happy and consider it as money well spent as the car is now driving like a dream. Thanks for all the feed back above it was much appreciated
  5. I've been warned off these conversion kits and I do love my car (more than my wife but don't tell her) as it's been such a realiable car and it's great on fuel (5l/100km) and we drive it to Germany twice a year for family hols so I think I'll stick to original parts as i don't want to rock the boat, cheers Jumbojake. Just wanted a second opinion really of somebody neutral like not a garage who would swap the whole engine if the could to make more money if you know what I mean. My friend also said that if it's not making any noise then we might not need to change it so I think I'm gonna risk it for a biscuit and leave the DMF alone. He'll also have a closer look when he changes the clutch and I'll keep you posted so you should know later next week as I'm having it done Monday. What do you mean by 'ticketing'
  6. thanks for getting back to me guys and I may be being stupid but how search for a particular thread as all I can see is the google search at the top.?
  7. Hi All, I'll make it short and sweet as i think I know the answer already unfortunately. My clutch has gone which would have been fine as it's only £300 roughly to get it replaced but I've now been advised to change the DMF (Dual Mass Flywheel) as well which bumps the price (including labour) up to about £700. I know this is still quite cheap as I have a friend doing the work and I've been quoted over £1000 by garages but do I realy need to change the DMF.? The cars done 140000mls. Regards Sven
  8. @Pete, That's perfect mate cheers and you've actually helped me twice now, My car failed it's MOT last week and need to change my N/S/F headlamp so I grabbed grabbed the PDF you posted a while back. The great thing is that the light was the only thing that was picked up and for a 9yr old car I think that's great. take care....
  9. Hi All,, Bought my first Toyota (Avensis 2004 D4D T3) a year ago and havn't looked back since. I've owned all sorts of crap in the past but this out shines them all.
  10. Hi All, Hopefully somebody can help here... I was bumped into last week and they hit my rear bumper (O/S/R) from the side and the force snapped a clip off the clip rail that's attached to the car (The bit where the bumper clips on to). Does anybody know the proper name for this 'clip rail' so I can try an get it off eBay.? It's a 2004 D4D Toyota Avensis Hatchback Regards Tintinn
  11. Welcome to the Toyota forums Tintinn :)

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      Thank you very much Steve and I look forward reading/adding posts....