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  1. The bottom line for me is that this dealership will only service the vehicle on aToyota Essential Service plan using 5W30 oil. There is a potential drop in economy for the vehicle on a thicker oil.
  2. The gold service is £180, the oil is 5W30, I was quoted to upgrade to the correct 0W20 I would have to revert to a "normal service" which would include a cabin filter and battery fob, which would be £300
  3. My Prius is 5 years old now. contacted Steven Eagle re this and was e mailed a 3 year service plan with Promise of reduced MoT cost as part of plan. On receipt of the plan I saw that the oil quoted in the service pan was 5W30PFE as opposed to 0W20. I queried this with Stephen Eagle and the reply was as the vehicle is over 5 years old this was recommended. how ever I could convert to a normal service where the 0W20 would be used. As you can imagine there is a large price hike of about £120, but that includes battery fob change and cabin air filter I was assured. I have decided to have my brake fluid changed , hybrid health check and both Toyota recalls addressed instead. The Devil in in the detail.
  4. I have 40 odd thousand miles on my Prius3, I was wondering if anyone on this forum have lubricated the sliding calliper pins and what grease was used, any tips thoughts gratefully received..thanks....tony
  5. I had the fluid changed by a Toyota dealer in Peterborough. This was after being told by certain members of staff, it was sealed for life, unnecessary etc. I complained to the management(new). The service manager contacted me and it was booked in for the change. I requested that I be given a sample of the used oil and was given a container with pretty much the whole lot in as far as I can figure out. My car a 2011 Prius had done about 26K. The oil was a very dark maroon colour. I am now happy as the car was pre owned and you never know the true conditions that the vehicle was operated in. It could be my imagination but I think the transmission noises are slightly less.The price I paid was less than the £99 they would apparently charge as I had a number of issues which have now been ironed out.
  6. cass1

    Chance It?

    Thanks for all your advice and input. I think I will err on the side of safety and disconnect the battery.
  7. cass1

    Chance It?

    Hello all, my 2011 Prius is going to be standing in a garage for one month. Do I chance leaving it connected up or disconect the battery?. Has anyone found any difficulties after a similar period?.
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums cass1 :)