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  1. Brake lights common aswell as other items wouldnt hurt to slightly pull back roof lining at the back and shut yourself in the boot with someone watering the brake light should be fairly.noticeable. Hope this helps sam Also common if parking on an incline for the aerial base to leak and make its way down the roof lining and gathers at the rear which can be checked in the same way Kurt
  2. Hi When the egr valve was cleaned out did they ckean your manifold aswell as there are two ports in the top of the manifold where the egr bolts to these often block with carbon, but normal sympton is lack of power and at idle wont rev over approx 2500-3000 rpm. Any fault codes?
  3. Best car I've ever owned,.brought mine on finance years ago and sold to my bro just brought it back on the weekend looking forward to bringing her back toodeserved condition.
  4. hi I'm looking for some tte parts for my yaris t sport iv checked the usual ebay etc but looking to.see if any1 has any on here thanks in advance.
  5. I can account for 1 :) looking for some tte parts can any one help thanks.
  6. You should ask your toyota dealer about a possible warranty extension on the rear wheel bearings of a 2nd gen yaris ;)
  7. Hello people, Not new to toyota as im a toyota born n raised technician but definately new to forums. One problem im having is trying to find tte parts for my 2002 yaris t sport. Been looking on the usual ebay etc but looking for a retailer does any such thing exist now. Thanks in advance
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums kurts_tsport :)

    1. kurts_tsport


      Thank you steve. :)

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