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  1. Hi could someone please tell me what the hose/pipe in this picture is. I was looking under the bonnet of my car earlier today and I noticed that the hose in the picture seems to torn. Could someone in the know please tell me what it is/does. Also would it be alright to just re-attach it with some black tape for the time being until I get it fixed? Cheers
  2. Ya I'm waiting to get a price from the mechanic on the water pump. He said its not bad yet but it will get worse during the summer. I could get the belt done if it didn't cost a whole lot more. Trying not to spend too much money on it at the moment. besides belt isn't due a change for more than 20000 miles and I haven't even done 10 since I got it which will be 3 years ago in July. Next step is to hopefully get it through the NCT I have a retest next Friday it failed the first time on broken exhaust and high lambda 1.18 must be at or below 1.03. I'm hoping getting the exhaust fixed will solve
  3. Timing belt isn't due for change for another 20000+miles. My dad had said his Peugeot 307 diesel had to have the belt done alongside the pump. I was just curious if the same applied here.probably not.
  4. Hi lads. Just thought I'd give you an update. Just had car with the mechanic he's keepng it for a while to check the exhaust is OK. He found a leak on the water pump its like a little hole and the coolant is trickling out especially at high RPMs. At least it's not the head gasket which I assume would be more expensive. Do you guys know whether or not timing belt has to be changed with the pump. My dad's Peugeot had to be
  5. No its a not a vvti thank god. I've heard they're prone to burning oil alright. Thats one good thing about my car everything is relatively easy to get at. Hopefully its something small anyway. If that's even possible with this kind of a problem.
  6. ya its the 4efe bug eye model. Hopefully won't be too expensive if it comes to that
  7. cheers any idea if it was a hg problem how much you'd suspect it would cost to replace?
  8. No wet carpets or engine light. No wet spots on the ground either. I'll get onto my mechanic tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes any idea how it goes Thanks let me know your corollas results if you get a chance. Cheers
  9. Ya it was at the nct centre. Lambda was 1.18 CO low idle 0.16% HC low idle 67ppm CO high idle 0.05% HC high idle 16ppm Im due for retest in two weeks I got the exhaust welded. I have been using dipetane in the car and the co and HC are lower than last year. I actually tried running the car without the cap A few months ago but the coolant was dripping out down the rad so I stopped. Should that have been happening? Do the reading from the nct give you any indication about the possibility of burning coolant? Thanks again for your help. Coolant is greenish
  10. Thanks for the reply. I'll have a look in the morning at the exhaust fumes. I just had car in for its yearly inspection. The exhaust was damaged and car had a high lambda reading which I'm told was prolly due to exhaust all other exhaust emission levels were down from last year. I assume if it was burning coolant that would not be the case? Thanks again for your help. Just to clarify would it be considered normal to hear the coolant moving in the heater?
  11. Hi all, my car seems to be losing coolant gradually over the past few months. Ive had to top up the radiator today the last time I did was just over a month ago. I haven't had any problems with the car overheating. I changed the radiator cap to see if that fixed the problem but the coolant still seems to drop. Before I filled it today I couldn't see any coolant when I opened the cap however the cap was still wet. I can see no visable leaks under the car. I also checked around the water pump and see no leaks there either. Engine oil doesn't appear cloudy. One more thing I've noticed is that whe
  12. Hi, Hoping someone could give me a hand with this. I'm going to be changing the bulbs for the dash instruments one or two have blown but I will change them all while I have the dash open. I have a 99 4efe corolla. It has the analogue odometer which I've heard means I need to disconnect a cable in the engine bay, from the gearbox. Im not sure which cable this is. I would be great if someone could post a picture of the part to disconnect as I haven't been able to find one. Thanks in advance and hope you can help.
  13. Hi guys this is my first post here. I have a 99 3 door 1.3 litre corolla. Im having a slight problem. The bulb which lights up the fan and heater dials has died. I got a new bulb today but am having some trouble fitting it. I read elsewhere to remove the centre console you unscrew 2 screws behind the dials and it should just pop off. I can get it to detach a bit but then it just seems to get caught. Any help with this would be much appreciated. Also Im just wondering what I should expect to see once I get it off. Is there a lot of wires etc. Thanks PS. I can post picture of the car if needed
  14. Welcome to the Toyota forums steve3194 :)

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