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  1. Have new clip but has anyone got a link to how to take the whole bumper off
  2. After finding lots of info on here about the rear bumper, can anyone answer the following. How much is a new rear bumper near side retainer.How do you get at the bolts to remove it
  3. jonesck


    I have a 2 litre bmw but have bought a 56 plate aygo for my 17 year old. Since I got it I've used it for work every day up and down the M4. Not once have I thought "should have used the bm"
  4. Must have new stock. Bought them from main dealership only yestreday. Either that or they've covered left and right hand models to save on costs
  5. Just bought my daughter some fitted mats for her aygo+. The drivers mat has 2 holes for the fixing peg but the car has only ONE peg. Is this standard on a 56 plate aygo+. (There does not look like it ever had a second fitting, no hole in carpet)
  6. Love the rainbow look. What's the info on them
  7. I've noticed the indicator stalk is not cancelling when turning left. Looked on ebay for a spare and can see it comes as a complete unit with the light stalk. 2 questions, is it possible to fix without replacing, if unit needs replacing HOW?
  8. Welcome I too am a newbie. Bought a 56 plate aygo for my 17 year old as a first car and have fallen in love with it's cheeky ways and frugal use of petrol. Considering a newish one for me next
  9. Mine is 56 plate aygo + and it beeps when level drops to one bar and everytime you start the car until I top up
  10. I see from earlier posts that aygos have a clutch cable. Does anyone have a tip to stop my 56 plate cable from squeaking
  11. If the leak is a roof level at the back, I would replace the high level brake light , very common for leaking. Cheers Bob will try to get the all knowing dealer to do. Not difficult you would think, leak up high, look up high
  12. Waiting to pick up a 56 plate vvt-I +3 door from toyota dealership that I'm buying and noticed drip from rear roof lining where it meets the C post plastic trim. They have been all week trying to find which seal to replace. Any ideas folks
  13. Welcome to the Toyota forums jonesck :)

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