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  1. Perhaps Eibach springs, Whiteline swaybars and KYB or Koni dampers are a good combination, don't forget to get your camber angles checked afterwards, or its a waste of time.
  2. gt

    Supra's For Jae

    www.mkiiisupra.net is organising a mk3 stand, we are hoping for something like 30-40 cars over the weekend.
  3. Look under the inlet manifold, this is easier if your car has had the egr cooler stuff removed incidentally, you should see what looks like a big oil cooler sender with a wire poking out from the block, about half way down the block, there are two of them, these are the knock sensors.
  4. I think MA71 denotes that its a turbo, all mk3 3litre cars are ma70 though, 2.5tt is jza70, 2.0tt is ga70. Hope this helps a bit.
  5. Lexus IS200 wheels do fit, the look good too imho, plus I reckon the offset is similar, as they don't affect the car's handling the way mk4 wheels seem to.
  6. gt

    Leather Cleaner

    Don't be afraid to use plenty of the leather feeder stuff either.
  7. gt

    Mk3 Supra

    Thought I'd pop in and add a little to this. Main contributions to bhg is all of the above and originally, the composition of the original Toyota headgasket. I think they made the sealing rings from a different material, or changed the size of them, although I guess once the hg has blown once, unless you take your time fixing it properly and getting the block and head properly straight/finished its a waste of time. When I do mine next year (not thats its in danger of going, just preparing for 20psi of boost) I'll probably do the copper headgasket and get the block wire ringed, too much money going into the engine to take the risk of stuffing it all up with a knackered gasket. Also, whatever you do, never ever let the oil run low, it will kill your big-ends double quick, as certain people on the mk3 board have found. BTW, a decat, filter and 5mm of washerisation on the actuator are hard to find and make a world of difference to the car. :P :D
  8. gt

    Help Supra Mods

    Yes, I was confusing you with someone else, there is a well known guy on the Z scene, who goes by the name of Kash, he's also from London, he has also bought a mk4, easy mistake to make, sorry!
  9. gt

    Help Supra Mods

    Hi Kash, Best place to take a Supra, is Leon green in Bletchley, a bit of a trek, but he is the best in the area. Do you still have your Z? Like Nick said, best get an exhaust on there, Chris Wilson decat pipes, up the boost a bit, although not too much on Jap fuelling and turbos.
  10. I think I'd sort out the crappy JDM fuelling first, get a nice set of 550s, AFPR, uprated pump and SAFC? Then get some nice hybrids or similar, preferably with proper steel wheels, not them orrible ceramic things. THen you'd see real improvements
  11. Uk or Jap? Uk TT should be ok at 15-16psi, Jap ones a bit less as they have ceramic turbos.
  12. Are we talking Mk3 or Mk4?
  13. There's a very knowledgable guy called Arnout at www.supras.nl who builds very high spec 7m engines. He's in Holland, but is a known expert on our cars. Worth a try, I think his engines work out to around £1900-£2k for a fully rebuilt engine, including MHG, new shells, near enough a new engine. Reliable for big power too. Try www.mkiiisupra.net for help too, there are often people breaking cars, although I don't know if I'd trust a s/h 7m, with the common head gasket failures they suffer
  14. Or nip over to www.mkiiisupra.net and we're sure to have some good ideas for you
  15. I'm surprised to hear this as when I e-mailed Sam Brown after Billing the response I got was totally the oppsite to what I'm reading here. Dunno what's happened to change people's minds, but it looked like the current organisers were going ahead next year also. Any more info? Oh and apprently the venue was already booked for 2003!
  16. It might be better to bite the bullet and get an uprated one from somewhere like Fensport, else head over to : www.mkiiisupra.net and look in the ForSale section
  17. There's a real nice one for sale atm, not cheap, but probably the best condition mk3t in the country (don't think its ever got wet!)
  18. I think the main reason you can get flames out of a 200sx and not so easily from a Supra is that the 200sx generally overfuels on the over-run and if chipped definitely does. Also the turbo is mounted v.lowdown so the exhaust path is almost straight and quite short from turbo to rear tip. Also I think atmospheric dumpvalves help from an overfuelling point of view. I think the Supra's ECU is quite a bit more adaptive and so doesn't overfuel as badly. BOV is a recirc type and exhaust is longer. Turbo mounting is also different being more of a topmount install, plus there's an elbow in th way, so probably more restriction. That said, I wouldn't swap my Supra for an S13, not unless it was Matt Scoldings RB25 powered one:D The Supra is a different car to the 200. Both great cars but aimed at totally different markets. You can mod a MK3 to around 400hp for about 3-4k. It'll do this reliably all day long for a long time. Must have one of the most over engineered engines around (once you've swapped the HG for an HKS metal one) Oh stuff it, just buy one and enjoy !! :D:D
  19. There's a few breakers on www.loot.com this week. Alternatively register on www.mkiiisupra.net , someone may be breaking a car
  20. Hi mate, Main advantages are you get a 6cyl engine, fairly bulletproof if you look after it and around £500 will net you in the region of 280bhp. Plus you get leather, climate control, cruise control etc etc. Mine is much more confy than a 200 for long distance. Downsides are car is considerably heavier than sx, they do use more fuel (to be expected 3litre as against 1.8), parts can work out expensive if you aren't careful, and head gasket can be a sore point. My brother has a 200 (s13) and I wouldn't swap my Supra for it. The Supra is a more solid car, fast and comfortable, but look carefully. Take a look over on www.mkiiisupra.net for more help/info
  21. gt

    Supra Help

    I doubt you'll find a UK spec car for around £10k, decent ones are now quite rare and attract a high price. Imports go for around this figure, but there are differences, smaller brakes, injectorsa, turbos etc. Only 280hp stock also.
  22. Next stage is Lexus/Riemer conversion set of 550cc injectors and hybrid turbo. Add a MHG to the mix and you should be looking at approx. 350BHP at around 14-15psi. Enough to keep with a stock MKIV!
  23. There are quite a few MK3s going to Billing, mine being one of them (here's hoping my new balljoints have arrived from the States though). I think some of the Dutch guys including Arnout's mad 2JZ MK3 are coming too
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