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  1. Sgm62

    Spare Tyre

    Thanks, will definitely give that a try !
  2. Sgm62

    Spare Tyre

    Just purchased my 2005 rav4, my first toyota & I love it. A small problem is the spare wheel casing on the rear door, when I shut the rear door it reverberates quite a lot, I know I will probably have to take the whole thing off to see why, anyone else had this problem ? Thanks
  3. Sgm62


    Hi all, rax4 xtr 2005 with built in satnav, can you install a more upto date satnav/cd device ?
  4. Sgm62

    Parcel Shelf

    I'm looking to buy a parcel shelf for my rav4 xt4' any ideas where the best place is to pick one up - thanks
  5. Sgm62

    Rav4 Xt4 2005

    Thanks so much for your honest replies
  6. Sgm62

    Rav4 Xt4 2005

    Hi, I'm new to the club, in the process of buying a rav4 xt4 2005 automatic model. Is the satnav any good on these models and are these 4x4s all what they claim to be. Thanks
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums Sgm62 :)

    1. Sgm62


      Thanks for the warm welcome

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