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  1. If you consider a car parked on a road, nearside is the side nearest the kerb, offside is the side furthest away from the kerb. I believe they are used as left and right differ depending which way you look at a car, which could cause problems. Equally you can't use passenger and drivers side in garages as you could, rarely, get a LHD car in. I'll have a look at some of the eBay parts and see if any are suitable.
  2. Thanks. Looks like I'll have to stomach the cost and hope the garage manage 1/2 an hour labour- makes a bit of a difference to replace one for £120 rather than £180
  3. The price I have for the part itself is £80.15 including VAT. Nobody seems too sure on if the bumper needs to come off- if it does, worst case is £90 to fit, best case is £45.
  4. Came out to the car on Sunday to see my front nearside fog lamp has taken a hit and smashed. I suspect a stone has cracked it and Sunday was the first day I've noticed. Cleaned up most of the shattered glass and spoke to the nearest dealer to me, who believe that it would be in the region of £170 to supply and fit a replacement. Seems a tad pricy to me, anybody got experience in replacing one?
  5. flyingscot

    Service Plans

    I'd imagine the dealer saves money on 5W30 which is cheaper than 0W20? I think I might insist on 0W20 when I get my next service for the Auris HSD.
  6. I'd imagine it is as simple as Toyota of France/UK/Germany customising the vehicles to best suit what they believe the taste and market is in that country. It's well known that through magazines and TV shows that the UK is 'big wheel obsessed', thus they think the car looks better and more stylish on 17" low profiles and so cater to that. Look in a UK car magazine and spot words like 'wheels don't fill the arches' etc. Other European nations sell cars more on practicality and fuel economy. I really dislike the fact my Auris 1 hybrid needs silly low profile 215/45/R17 Y tyres which are very expensive tyres to buy (£80 a corner for Barums) and that the 17" wheels damage fuel economy and emissions. My previous car ran on 205/55/R16 H tyres which cost £45 a corner. If the new Auris doesn't have a spare wheel as even an option that is a very, very big black mark against it for me. Try getting a new tyre or recovery in the Highlands at 7pm on a Sunday night....
  7. I'd think it is temperature related. I can put the car into EV on my commute from work, but on the same bit coming back from the shops it's a no as the car has done a shorter distance. My car shows around 50mpg on a 17mile mixed commute- but I should say I only got 48 out of the diesel before!
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums flyingscot :)