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  1. to get the headlights out, do i have to take out all car front ?
  2. Good evenning! What do we have to do to take(car parts) out the headlights?
  3. thank you all for your time and for your interest... fuel filter has been recently changed, and i´m gonna to send my D4D to the garage to re-check all pipes, conections, clean the egr valve and mass flow air sensor... see what it happens...i`ll give news then! once again thank you all
  4. thanks ighaig for your time... tell me if i understood well... breakers yard are people o sells car parts(new or already used) with better prices! how much is 35pounds in euros? where code readers can be buyed? is there any model available and not to expensive (how much does it cost) capable to read the ABS computer that i can buy?where can i find it? in number 2 problem a simple EGR cleanning should do to eliminate problem? sorry if my english is not the best one... thanks for your help
  5. Hi everyone...my name is Rui, i´m portuguese and i need some help of you :)! I own a 2004 Avensis station wagon 2.0 D4D, 116bhp, with 146000kms, and i have to major problems to solve... 1º problem - TRC (Traction Control), VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) & Engine management lights all on...i went to Toyota and they said that could be a problem in one wheel sensor and so the computer can´t have information of him, said too there´s no problem running out with lights on... they turn off the light, everything ok...but they´ve appear again!curiously these lights always appear between october-
  6. Hello everyone, I´m Rui Marques from Portugal... And I have a 2004 Avensis! Some help from you will be needed...
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums ruimsm :)

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