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  1. ok, thanks, will stick to ebay and see whats around.
  2. hi i'm trying to find out if there is a 'marketplace' on this forum? can someone point me in the right direction - if there is one... i am after a replacement (used) radiator, top radiator pipe, maf and possibly an idle control valve for my wife's 1999 toyota yaris gs vvti. thanks rod
  3. chatlow

    Head Gasket

    Appreciate that, but its oil in the coolant more than water in oil... Its like cream under the the rad cap and in expansion tank
  4. chatlow

    Head Gasket

    great, thanks. so if its marked, then i just need to mark then same points on the cams before removing it yeah? sorry but this is my first head gasket replacement!! got the haynes manual arriving in the next few days. is there anything else i can do to be sure its the HG thats failing? the compression is fine but like i have said in a previous post/thread, there is grey/white cream in the coolant. i don't think the engine has overheated to cause the failure so i really need to know what caused this. any ideas? just before it went i drove 25 miles in the cold and the blue light never went off.. so would this indicate a faulty thermostat? sensor was replaced by prev owner a year ago. only other indication that something is up is the engine light turning on, but i havent got a way of reading the code. any advice would be really appreciated as i will be fixing (or trying to) this weekend. ordering parts later today. thanks rhodri
  5. chatlow

    Head Gasket

    poor running (lumpy acceleration) but the main issue is white/cream in the coolant (both under the rad cap and in the expansion tank) compression test has come back ok. all cylinders between 180 and 190. havent got any other test i could use to be sure so just going to carry out the HG replacement. managed to find a white port under the drivers side and my obd cable fits to it but unfortunately I cant get any free obd software to recognise it. with the timing chain is it just a case of marking on the cam and the chain before taking it off?
  6. chatlow

    Head Gasket

    Hi I am in the process of removing the head so that I can replace the gasket. Can someone please tell me what order the rocker cover bolts and head bolts have to removed in? Also do I need to touch the aux belt and timing chain when carrying out this job? Lastly, does anyone know if the yaris gs 1999 1.0 has an odb capable port so I can read the engine code? Thanks Rod
  7. Little update... Compression test was 180,190, 180, 185. These look ok? Also, how do I read the code? Really don't want to pay a garage to do it for me when I have the softwa on my laptop for the other car. Thanks
  8. As much as i appreciate the responses i am more concerned about the water and oil mixing than the overall temperature issue. Plus they might be a related issue. Anyway time to get a compression test done and confirm the head and buy a gasket kit. Let the fun commence!!
  9. Argh just checked the oil and it looks ok. However, when i checked the coolant i noticed some oil on there!! Also saw a bit of sludge under the oil cap but think thats condensation. Compression test on weekend as well now :-(
  10. Thanks all. Thinking i will do the service and clean the sensors and maf before touching the thermostat. Well ive just been told by the blue light went off today but the wife isnt sure how long it took. Unfortunately on the way home the engine management light came on! Whether it came on because of a sensor, the maf or even low oil, i dont know but will check the oil when shes home. Is it fairly easy to read the ecu codes?
  11. Thanks for the quick reply! Will clean the maf as well then. are there any tests to prove the thermostat is dying before I replace it? ive bought semi synthetic, but it's budget triple qx stuff from eurocarparts. hopefully be ok just have to replace it sooner. engine does sound very 'tappety' so hopefully this will be due to oil. cheers
  12. Hi all, I have just bought a 1999 Yaris 1.0 vvti. has only covered 50k miles. Apologies if this first thread is in the wrong section... but I have a number of issues that I will be working on this Sunday and would really appreciate any help from you 1. Juddery/hesitant acceleration. Initially thought this was in 3rd gear only but seems to be occurring when you've just changed gear and put your foot down. It will then go away higher up the rev range. having to change gear without too much throttle at the moment to avoid it. also tested the car in neutral and as soon as you touch the throttle it sounds like it misses first, then revs.. 2. blue temp light. I know this comes on when the engine/coolant hasn't warmed up yet but it last week during the snow (last time i used it), it didn't go off at all. even after 20 miles of driving. i did, however, have the blowers on full and hottest heat for most of the journey. they seemed to blow out warm, not hot air though.could this be due to temp sensor or thermostat? 3. Oil leak. It is dripping from the drivers side of the engine. most noticeable when the car has been parked up for 20 mins. had a quick look and it seems to be coming from the sump gasket. will look properly on Sunday but does anyone know if a gasket is used for the sump or if it's a liquid instant gasket instead? I have bought new plugs and an air filter so hope this will improve the acceleration issue. If not, can you suggest anything else? I have read about the maf sometimes causing an issue? Also going to carry out an oil change this weekend too. Understand it's 5w30 used but does it matter how good a brand it used (worried as it's a vvti engine) Sorry for all the questions!! Thanks, Rod
  13. Welcome to the Toyota forums chatlow :)