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  1. The fast charger at Nissan is a chademo and that will continue to charge up to 96% in about an hour, all chargers wether fast or slow will slow down when they near full charge.I usually go into the showroom and have a coffee or two while I wait and carwings sends me an email when it's charged☕️☕️
  2. Yes you can't beat free sparks when it's on offer,home charger takes about 6 hours cost is about £2 depending which tariffs you are on.I have found the leaf forums are not very good the Toyota forum is much better.I had better not continue to post about the leaf on here or Toyota owners club will send the heavy mob round to sort me out
  3. I bought a leaf tekna 2 months ago range is the main issue but I don't do a lot of miles,I pop round to Nissan about once or twice a a week to charge it they are only a couple of miles away from me so no running costs to speak of it makes sense to me.They have a fast charger only takes 1 hour to charge 100% and it's free.I have my own charger at home supplied and fitted by Podpoint cost £199,they also give you a Ecotricity card so you can charge for free at there chargers at the moment.
  4. Hi,that's good, pretty damming report by watchdog on Autoglass,at the moment most of the big insurance company's list Autoglass as there main contact with windscreen repairs and replacements.If you go elswhere for replacements they usually want to charge a premium,after what I saw on Watchdog last night I would sooner pay the premium than let Autoglass near a car of mine.
  5. Avoid Autoglass if you can very bad report on BBC watchdog last night.
  6. Thanks for the info you have been very helpful
  7. Hi,I know that space saver wheels have been covered before but what I would like to know is the space saver wheel from the Auris Excel hybrid compatible with all Excel hybrid range. I notice that the spare wheel on the later hybrid looks different to the 2013 model. Thanks
  8. Happy Birthday catboy!

  9. I say it because that was the question asked by the chap who started the thread he was asking what experiences other drivers were having.He wasn't asking for an indepth report of the hybrid system.This was the experience I had and I was pleased with my results.
  10. On a trip to Burnham on Sea yesterday got on the M5 junction 4,total distance there and back home 226 miles.About 95% of the journey was motorway and speed was 60/65 mph.Average miles and trip miles were approx the same 72.4 didn't think I would get that mpg.I have a Auris Excel hybrid and I did the whole trip in Eco,I was pleased with that I still have winter tyres fitted I might have squeezed a few more on summer tyres.I thought motorway driving would affect the mpg
  11. If you have any music on your pc that you like drag and drop your favourite tracks on to memory stick the bigger the memory the more music it will hold.
  12. I hope they don't do that,if they do they won't be selling many.It would be a big mistake what with the Mitsubishi Sax being released as a plug in around July 2015.We had a test drive with the Outlander phev I was impressed with the car but can't say the same about the sales people at theMitsubishi dealer we went to.
  13. If it was a plug in Rav hybrid I could be tempted
  14. Is this new hybrid Rav 4 a plug in,if so it would get the £5000 government allowance which would bring it down to the current non hybrid model.My son is about to buy a Mitsubishi Outlander phev I went with him on the test drive I was impressed.If they overprice the new Rav Toyota may loose out.Salesman told me they were bringing out a smaller version of the Rav his nose didn't start to grow so maybe they are.
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