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  1. Thank you for the replies everyone. you guys have been an outstanding help and saved me from bankruptcy I have found the second joint, replaced the bolt, greased with some penetrating oil sprayed and then used some of that EP2 grease all over, put so much grease and oil on now the car smells of it... finally, knocking gone, am at peace! Thank you so much everyone. That really helped Gerg. Gonna keep it for the future, just in case! Thanks!
  2. I did not remove the shaft, last thing I want to is make things worse! used some silicon grease instead...any idea how to get to the bottom joint by any chance please? Still have the Corolla in the family! Put the Auris in there now too. Hopefully I put it in the right way...
  3. Thank you so much for your help Gerg. That document helped me a lot. I went to Toyota and got two new bolts, one for the Universal Joint at the top and one for the bottom. Toyota immediately advised me to replace the whole shaft... Replaced the bolt one near the steering column and greased it up, most of the knocking gone. Did not manage to get to the bottom one as it got pretty late today but the access is not great but will try as there is SLIGHT knocking on there too.
  4. Thank you so much for your replies guys! Really appreciate your time. Looks like a big dent in my Christmas balance then if its the shaft if I take it to Mr T. Whilst following up your link, I also discovered the following: http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/93370-steering-knock/?tab=comments#comment-1019027 I understand that it is a Lexus CT but thought might be worth mentioning? Member called Wass mentioned the following: "I checked the intermediate shaft as suggested by Adam and the problem seems to be that the splined connection between the steering column and the intermediate shaft UJ has worked loose. The reason for this appears to be that during assembly they used something similar to a low tensile body bolt as a pinch bolt on the steering shaft assembly. The low tensile bolt has stretched slightly with use allowing the spline to float slightly. I simply replaced the low tensile bolt with a high tensile bolt, torqued it up to 20ftpnds and the problem was solved. No more knocking and a solid, non floating connection next to the UJ. The intermediate shaft UJ joint and the steering column shaft show no wear whatsoever." Now i am going to expose that I am an actual rookie and ask: the picture I attached in my initial post - that is the universal joint if I am correct? Any idea which bolt he is speaking off? Really hoping its something minor...as the shaft seems to be a main dealer part only and expensive. Thanks for the help again guys!
  5. Hi Guys I apologise in advance if this has already been discussed but I have looked was unable to find anything similar to my issue...so here it goes. I found something similar here but can't make out whether its the same issue.. www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/148781-gen-1-auris-hybrid-steering-noise/?page=2 My 2011 Toyota Auris Hybrid T-Spirit has steering problems when turning at very low speeds, approximately below 15mph as far as I can tell. It also occurs whilst stationary. When the wheel is straight and I turn around approx. 30-40 degree to the right, it makes a clunk which is felt through the steering wheel. It also occurs when i turn right after i turn left.. I have attached a short clip to demonstrate the issue better as my wording might confuse people. The car is parked on a slight inclined driveway but the noise also occurs whilst the car is flat. VID-20171125-WA0003.mp4 I have had a feel on the column shaft under the steering wheel and I can roughly feel the vibration/knocking there (picture attached) I am really worried as to what it can be and whether its an expensive fix . I know Toyota Hybrids have been subjected to a recall a few years back but when I check online, it says no recalls are due on the vehicle. Any help is extremely appreciated!!!! Thank you :)
  6. THANKS MATE, YES I HAVE , THE PIC SEEMS UPSIDE DOWN, THE THING IS TAHAT THEY ALL LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME BUT MASSIVE DIFERENCES IN PRICE YET CLAIM TO BE DIFFERENT BRANDS BUT LOOK EXATCLY THE SAME, JUST ODEREDD ONE AT 11.99 OFF EABY, BUY BY THE TIME WE ISNTALL IT,,,THE SNOWY WEATHER WILL HAVE ARRIVED LOL! THE TIME WE'LL GET TO TRY IT ...THE SNOWNYW WEATHEAR WILL HAVE ARRIEVD OL Hi Sam! A bit of a late reply but i am trying to also fit the double din fascia in my stereo, bought off ebay radioworld for 11.99 however I cant get it to fit properly! https://www.dropbox.com/s/us9zzth96x6u7v2/DSC_1345.jpg The image shows the gaps no idea why?..any help please? Thanks!
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      Thanks Steve! Recently bought a 2006 corolla 1.4 T3, so thought would be a good idea to join the club!