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  1. Thanks for the reply. It is only the rear offside footwell that is wet. I have checked the doors, sills and windows and no water is coming in from either the drivers or rear passenger door. I have also checked the sun roof drains and all looks fine. The seals on the cable and washer from the hatchback to the body again all look fine and have no traces of water. Haven't checked the suggestion on the drain in the floor yet but can't see how I can get 10mm of water in such a short time and that none of it would drain out again. Any suggestions? Anyone from Toyota care to make a suggestion? Thanks
  2. Hi, Hope someone can help. I have a 2002 5 door yaris CDX with sunroof, and have had it since new and it hasn't been in an accident. Over the last few weeks, the offside rear passenger footwell keeps getting very wet with water about 5 to 10 mm deep, something that has never happened before. The water doesn't smell (so isn't from the rear window washer). All the seats and other footwells are dry. All door seals appear to be OK, as do seals around the windows. I can't see any water ingress around the door or sill (have looked after heavy rain and also after driving in heavy rain). I have also looked at the sun roof but can't see any leaks - the headlining seems to be dry as well. Saying that I didn't see the drains from the sunroof - where are they and where do they exit? Any suggestions what else to look at or to check? Thanks for your help
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums Gazza-too :)