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  1. it wasnt me who used redex .i dont know if it was a genuine part or pattern .t-spiritpete.its seems to be going alot better ta.
  2. Hiya got the old gal back today from dingles they came up with fuel filter had collasped inside......
  3. got car back today from garage it was holding back becaucse the fuel filter had collasped inside ???????????? dingles toyota garage.
  4. havnt heard back from garage as yet may hear somthing tomorrow thursday only bought cars few days ago and piaed off with it already . i can see it going to auction??.
  5. took car in today as it was holding back as if was running out of fuel when warm .any ideas what this can be thanks.
  6. hi dervdave thanks for yer opinion im realy undercided its the old head &heart thing i know i should run but ere .grrr .what if i have the H/gasket replaced before it goes like a cambelt ???/ta
  7. Hi dervdave ive spoken to last owners they owned it the last 4yrs no problems at all with it serviced it on time.But i no what yer saying ,i suppose if the headgasket do goes i could always fit the 2.0 lump in as the car is in fantastic condition i know its the heart of the car or fit padals to it and get fit HaHa.thanks
  8. But like i say its only £200 deposit ill lose.prob get that back on the petrol one ?
  9. Its up for £3998 got it for £3750 cash no trade in. theres a petrol one for 2995 130k at another garage roys motor group toyota dealers.may cut my loses a go for that .
  10. Hi Heidfirst thanks for reply , the garage isnt giving a warranty ,well dont think so didnt say anything about one. I do about 10k miles a yr .do i cut my loses and run ? its such a nice car ,.
  11. Hi all newbie here ,got a qaustion in the general disscussons need help qqqquick thanks ,molly.
  12. Hello im new to toyota , so new ive just put a down payment on a 2.2 t3 x est 2.2 55 reg its done 112,500 k FSH very gd condition ,but since reading more about them, 2.2diesels i think ive done a wrong thing . are these a real problem should ive gone for the petrol version ,as ive only left a deposit of £200 . Hope somebody sees this before monday thats when i pick the car up?? thanks very much molly.
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