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  1. Sensha

    Head Lights

    But that we here in the colonies would have this option...
  2. One wonders why the year of purchase/registration is so important as to be made part of the tag number? Over here, the licensing system is so random as to defy description. You have states like Delaware, with their two and three digit tags, other states that offer something similar to those who are connected, the bizarre obsession with personalized plates that reaps a lot o revenue for those states that choose to offer it, and on and on and on. No consistency, certainly no simple way of figuring out the purchase date from the tags themselves. Thanks for all of the effort needed to pull this to
  3. This morning, I again encountered an unexplained set of mentions of the "plates" that apparently are part of the UK automotive experience. I've asked questions before about this (and had them promptly and politely answered in postings in the instant postings, but they have all vanished into the past due to the system used here. How about a short explanation of the "plate" system for us Yankees so that we can sort out the system whenever it's brought up as part of normal knowledge by you folks in the UK?
  4. I look forward to your input on this, as does someone else on the US Scion iQ board.
  5. I need guidance as to how to replace the rear wiper squeegee/rubber insert. The front ones were easy to deal with, but I can't seem to get the rear one to move. Thanks in advance for any help that you can give.
  6. Well, I can do that well enough. However, I have read discussions about layering the coats versus taking the one coat approach, and so forth. Anyone here with experience in that process?
  7. Well, after a busy series of musical engagements, and with the tax return almost done and ready to submit, I finally have the time to start in with the Plastidip spray (flat black) on the gloss black elements of the iQs dash. I'm going to start with the gloss black "eyebrow" over the speedometer, as it's already out of the car. Once I've succeeded there, I plan on doing the cowling over the navigation unit (including covering up the infamous red strip visible only from outside the car), and the front of the silver air conditioning system control panel. But, before I start in, I'm looking fo
  8. Are not the "bumper warts" (the separate pieces attached to the bumpers on all four corners of the car) intended for relatively easy replacement under situations such as this? Try as I may, I cannot come up with any other reason for their inclusion. Inquiring minds want to know...
  9. One other thing that I discovered when my dash parts were removed is that the stupid black "eyebrow" piece attached over the speedometer face (and sitting atop the rest of the dash assembly) was the source of a set of extremely irritating rattles when the car was at speed on the highway. I pulled mine for refinishing with flat black Plastidip, and will "wedge" it in place with a piece of fine gauge plastic film when reattaching it to the dash assembly. I had pegged the rattles as coming from the ventilation outlet to the left of the driver's position, but these things can radiate and be hard t
  10. I imagine so. However, I always worry about diving into car dashes without knowing what's holding it all together. I wish that Toyota would publish detailed instructions on stuff like dash removal and all. There's a general manual somewhere or other, but I'm always hesitant to start prying and pulling, fearing I'll snap off a clip somewhere or other. Putting it back is another story. Now that I can see all of the attachment points and how the clips work (these are different than any others used by Toyota over the thirty years that we've owned them), it's a simple matter to snap it in place.
  11. I've been itching to do the Plasticizer trick on the interior shiny parts for some time now, but haven't had the time to do the prep work yet. However, after a long, long trip today, I took my iQ in to have the oil changed and tires rotated, so I asked my service advisor guy to have the cowl dashboard piece pulled for me. (I always worry about breaking clips and such if I can't see what's being pulled - it would be really nice if Toyota (and other makers) would publish guides for removing this stuff.) Anyway, they pulled it for me (for free, with no broken clips or anything) and I brought i
  12. Sensha

    Which One?

    Toyota/Scion stopped offering the Toyota unit in new iQs with the advent of the middle of the 2012 model year. All that was offered was the horrid Bespoke systems, which we tried for a month and then tore it out and sold it to a willing guy up in Dallas. We tried to buy the Toyota unit that was formerly offered (as a part), but our dealer would not sell one to us. Had to go to a second dealer and order it as a part, then had it put in by a Car Toys franchise. Works like a charm, Bluetooth and all. Just why Toyota dropped the good nav unit is a mystery. I'm glad that it was a drop in fit, howev
  13. And, are you in "D", or "S" (if using a CVT)?
  14. That's what my suggestion will do, only in reverse. A poly cap (I think that's what they're called) is a perfect fit, and a small point in the center will be felt before a depression will be felt (without pressing it down).
  15. I am curious about one aspect of the iQ style that we have encountered here in the US of A, that being a limited availability of tires/tyres. One of the purchase factors we considered with the car was the ready availability of replacement tires. Having previously owned a smart Passion coupe, we have had the experience of driving around in a spare-less vehicle before, and resolved that (with the smart's hard to replace tires) by installing a trailer hitch receiver and a spare tire mount. I would like to do the same with the iQ, but the rear end design would prevent a simple mount due to the low
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