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  1. Just had my Aygo in for its 3rd year service with Toyota and they have said this belt might need replacing soon, they have said its not covered under warranty. can you tell me if yours was replaced under toyota warranty?
  2. Had the Aygo nearly 2 months now, and I've noticed that when changing into 3rd gear it's a bit notchy, crunchy slightly, only into 3rd all other gears are fine. Is this a common problem?
  3. iMike

    Gear Issues

    Sorry to go off topic but £750!!!! I thought Aygo's were meant to be cheap to own and run. What did it need to get through MOT?
  4. I get an audible beep when mine starts flashing, is this something added to later models, mine being a 2010 Blue
  5. Does anyone have any idea of how many miles you have left, once the single segment starts to flash. Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for your advice, and i think thats what ill do.
  7. Hi Phil I have a Aygo Blue 2010 so the bluetooth unit is all fitted in as standard and does mute the car radio when making and receiving calls. thats why i was a bit concerned as to perhaps the wiring is being used by my bluetooth unit. Anyhow can i ask how you update the maps on the tom tom unit
  8. Ok thanks for the replies, like you say its best to ring toyota,
  9. thanks for the reply, looking at fitting instructions, it dont look too bad, my main concern is if it will interfere with the factory fit bluetooth thats already installed.
  10. Ive seen the tom tom sat nav system complete for an Aygo for sale, and was wondering how hard this would be to install. Also would it interfere with the Factory fit Bluetooth that is already installed in my Aygo Thanks in advance
  11. Well just an update. Fitted the following already Glove box cover - Ebay Rev Counter - Ebay Leather gaiter - ebay Genuine Leather gear knob - Parts King Front Mud flaps - Parts King Rear Mud flaps - Parts King ipod Cable - amazon So i think the only other accessory i might get would be the Roof Spoiler as i think it really looks good on the car.
  12. I've just changed the gaiter on mine to a genuine leather one, also i got the genuine Aygo leather gear knob with the stitching looks and feels so much better than the original rubber one.
  13. Just wanted to know if they are worth getting on such a small engine? thanks in advance
  14. Well im looking to add a few little extras to my new Aygo Blue, and was wondering if anybody had prices for a few things Glove box Leather gear knob I know these things can be seen on ebay but i know from experience, sometimes they are cheaper to buy direct from main dealer and if anyone has some good ideas of whats good to have please feel free to tell me Thanks in advance