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  1. Took it to a reliable indy garage. They had it all day scratching their heads. Finally got it working by disconnecting battery & leaving for 30 min before reconnecting!
  2. thanks, few scratches but nothing major, it stays in the head unit so there's not a lot of wear and tear. maybe I could burn the files onto a DVD? I've asked Tarquin/David...
  3. Hi David,

    I've been pointed in your direction by another member.

    My B9004 head unit is very similar to the TNS 510 & is showing an identical contact your dealer message after I disconnected the battery.

    I've read you other posts but my problem is the B9004 doesn't have an SD slot, only DVD & CD. The original maps DVD remains inside.

    The satnav packed up a while ago but I still getting radio & phone capability. Any ideas on how I can get these back?

    Many Thanks,



    1. tarquin


      Hi Nick

      sorry i cant help you. The file that gets corrupt in the Tns510 is a file called Loading.Kwi which is tbe Tns510's operating system and is only compatable with the Tns510



    2. Doctornick


      OK thanks. Took it to indy garage who had it all day. Finally got it working by disconnecting battery for 30 min & leaving before reconnecting!

  4. Thanks! No there's no SD card as far as I can see. It seems to boot up from the maps DVD. I'll search for Tarquin.
  5. I'm trying to play Spotify on my iPhone through the satnav/head unit- B9004 in 2008 Rav4 XT5 I installed a Connect2 that inputs into the CD changer and comes out as a 3.5mm jack. But when I reconnected the battery the SatNav won't boot & says: "A program cannot be read. Please consult to a dealer" I've tried using a DVD cleaning disc, checking the internal connections & ribbons, cleaning the lens. This happened before when the battery died & after a few months the radio started working. What can I do? Should I install an aftermarket head unit? I want to spend as little as possible. Help greatly appreciated! I'm getting really frustrated!
  6. Thanks everyone for the really useful advice. I am now the proud owner of my first Rav. I paid £12250, which is probably bit above market value but there don't seem to be many around (XT5 auto petrol). Couple more questions. Dealer is pushing manufacturer warranty. Car's done 28K miles 08 plate. Offered £500 for 2 years including parts and labour. Do people think this Is a good idea? Also offering me some sort of paint protection. Never bothered with any of my other cars. Thanks, Nick
  7. Hi All, Thinking of buying an XT5 from a dealer. It's a 2008 2L petrol auto and done 30k miles for £12k. I would be grateful for any advice on things to look out for like common faults at this mileage. Did short test drive and seemed ok, bit sluggish but I expected that. Thanks, Nick
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums Doctornick :)