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  1. cliffy56

    Wet Carpet.

    Hi Bill,Thanks for clean up tips, after watching those video clips I'm not really so worried!! I think it would be a bit of an extreme way of finding a leak, and probably grounds for divorce, she loves her car!!!!
  2. cliffy56

    Wet Carpet.

    Thanks for the link, just read the posts, I have a feeling this could be my problem, I think there may be some rust in there, as I say I always forget about the sun roof, thanks for info.
  3. cliffy56

    Wet Carpet.

    Hi Guys, thanks for your replies and suggestions, as soon as I can prise the car away from my Wife I will do checks as you have suggested. It does have a sun roof which I will look at first, to be honest I think its only been opened twice in the two years we've owned the car, always forget it's there, so is probably the best place to start. I have updated my profile which hopefully will help if needed in the future. Cliff.
  4. cliffy56

    Wet Carpet.

    I am getting water in on the passenger side footwell in my 2004 Rav4. Can't see any obvious reasons round the door seals etc. Don't appear to be losing coolant. Has anyone had this problem and/or got any suggestions. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers, Cliff.
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums cliffy56 :)