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  1. I have the same problem with my 2013 Prius Plug-in. Spoken to sales manager at my dealer who was not aware (he drives a plug-in) of the problem but said that he will get back to me.
  2. dinku

    My New Car

    Right. Back from the road trip. Well if you call 322 miles a road trip. 100% of it was on the motorway mostly sticking to speed limits (95 % of the time ). The odometer says 222 miles to refill, 67 Mpg and about 1/2 a tank of fuel still remaining. When I parked my car the EV range was 6.1 miles. The temperature outside during the journey was around 5 -7 C. and the temp inside the car was set at 18 C. Not bad considering my RAV used to give about 36 mpg. Now onwards most of my driving is going to be about 5 miles every day. Hoping that the mpg rises.
  3. I believe there are two types of reversing alarms, correct me if I am wrong. 1. the alarm goes Beep.Beep.Beep regardless of the obstacle at the back ( probably just a reminder that reverse has been selected) (low volume as compared to the alarm in the point mentioned below) 2. If installed then the Beeps work according to the distance of obstacles.(Louder, this was installed in my RAV)
  4. dinku

    My New Car

    Finally the Plug-in arrived yesterday. Charged it all up, topped up the fuel. (the charging cable came with a 3 pin UK Household plug so I was able to charge it at home) Used fuel from shell as so members have been reporting better milage for fuel used from shell. Ready to go on a weekend trip. Will report my experience
  5. The same thing had happened to my RAV4. The problem was a tiny switch which was located in the boot was switched off accidentally.
  6. Hi All I am new to this forum. I have been driving the RAV 4 T180 for the last 6 years, and really enjoyed it. But I hardly do about 5 miles a day and my motorway driving is restricted to the occasional drive to the airport or visiting relatives. So after having read the reviews of the Plug-in and having test driven the Prius T-spirit (they did not have the plug-in for test drive) I have decided to take the plunge and change my car to the Plug-in. I have decided on the silver colour and will be paying the advance to book the car today. Excited........
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums dinku :)

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      Thank you Steve.