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  1. hmm these lights are awesome. I love the brithness on high quality bulbs. Have anyone see them I got a picture of those lights and hope you like this. Can somebody please make me sure that this is the right bulb which we are talking about. Thanks.
  2. You can check these things to make sure that what is the actuall problem. You can check the spark plugs that they are fine and also check that the spark is good. Then you also check the igintion coils which is an important thing to car starting.
  3. hmm the red camry is looking very nice, the car is pretty clean. but both of you need to change the location for shoot out. But this is a good effort. Anyhow thanks for sharing the photos. I will wait for some more good photos and hope you will share them soon.
  4. Well the battery changing method for all cars is same. I don't think you don't anything special for your car. First you need to put out the cigarette lighter and plug in the memory keeper. Then you have to just unplug the cables from battery and clean them and install a new battery and plug the wire with the same as it was on previous battery. i mean you need to check the positive and negative wires that don't mix them. here are the photos, hope they will help you. Apply battery lithium grease - Spray the terminals with lithium grease to prevent corrosion.
  5. Have you checked it on ebay and other online stores because today's they are the best source of getting the parts from all over the world. I think you should check it on there and I am also trying to find something. As i found anything related to your requirment I will inform you.
  6. Hello Guys Adam here from Canada. I am newbie to this site and this is my first post. I found this site on google search because I was searching for the Toyota cars, today's I am interested in those cars and wanna get some basic knowledge about them. I hope I am on right platform and I will find enough knowledge on this site. Thanks
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