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  1. bobkneale

    My new IQ.

    IQ is great little car EGR is only problem, just get it (EGR) modified and you are good to go, I sold mine nearly 2 years ago and now gone for Hyundai 4 x 4 I will not buy another Toyota unless it is a Land Crusier Amazon. They are good for 300,000 miles or 15+ years.
  2. Happy Birthday bobkneale!

  3. bobkneale

    Bye Bye Iq

    Just a "Final Word of Thanks" to those have wished me farewell ! Great forum this one no question about it !
  4. bobkneale

    Bye Bye Iq

    IQ now sold and gone. Hyundia Santa Fe 4 x 4 purchased Thanks to all an this forum, a truly great forum with very helpful members ! Much better that Hyundia forum from what I can see, However I do believe that the Hyndia make of vechile is better than a Toyota Just my view. After My EGR change messing about two years ago with my IQ I did state I would never buy another Toyota and this stands ! Bye to all x
  5. bobkneale

    Bye Bye Iq

    Already bought a Hyundai Santa Fe Diesel with 50,000 Miles FSH perfect all round £5,000 IQ goes in for new MOT tommorow, I will advertise it for sale next week for £3,500 44,500 Miles No Offers.
  6. bobkneale

    Bye Bye Iq

    Chosen to change my IQ for larger car (A Large 4 x 4) Nothing wrong with the IQ I just have now chosen and do prefer more comfort / General capability / long journey capability / Space / Quality in general ETC,,, IQ is great for around town, and also good on fuel Decided to pay a little more and improve my quality of life behind the wheel ! Will be leaving this forum within the next few weeks after IQ has been sold. Positive Regards to all those of you who have contributed to this forum and my knowelage of the IQ, This forum is one of the best I have been on and has been extreemly useful a
  7. I have now decided to buy a 4 x 4 possibly a Hyundai Santa Fe TD or similar So After I have located a suitable one to buy, the IQ will be going I will keep my IQ until I find a suitable new vechile as I will be paying cash for it, the IQ can go after then Anyone who might be interested in buying my IQ (less than 45,000 Miles on the clock ) FSH by Toyota. EGR mod done, year 2010 color silver. 1.0ltr manual. I will ensure it has a full 12 months MOT before I sell it. Please PM me if you might be intrested, or know anyone who might be. Only selling my IQ as I plan to do longer journeys in 2015 an
  8. My View: My Spark plugs were changed at about 40,000 miles because I just choose to, no other reason, I only use Shell V Power and put in BG44 fuel cleaner every 6 months, plus my EGR has been changed for the modified type. My miles are now 44,000 and I do have a "very slight" vibration in high gear at low speed at about 2000 RPM that is hardly noticable and not an issue, just a sign to change down a gear. I personally feel that the 3 cylinder manual IQ is "slightly more prone to this 2000RPM vibration issue" with a number of "potential contributing causes" that can make the problem worse. I b
  9. bobkneale


    My IQ year 2010 1.0ltr manual gets between 60mpg & 70MPG (70MPG + In Summer) I drive carefully on A & B roads (not much motorway) and use shell V power petrol and my IQ is well maintained IE Regular fully synthetic oil changes and air filter changes tyre pressures slightly up on standard pressures ,,etc etc,,, Changed my spark plugs before the recomended time was up. BG44 fuel system cleaner put in every 6 months I use 2off Scan Gauges and try to maximise my MPG Only cover 5000 miles per year.
  10. I seem to remember a few posts on this forum some months ago that "eluded" to a rear nearside suspension knock from the IQ. When I was looking to buy an IQ nearly two years ago I test drove 2 IQ's that had it and chose not to buy them because of it, this may be a different problem to yours I'm not sure.
  11. bobkneale

    Lpg Iq

    Not wishing to be negative about it however , I considered LPG for my IQ and the sums did add up to a payback however it was a long payback ! as I only cover about 5000 miles per year so if i remember correctly (it was a year ago I did the calculation) it would take me 3 / 5 years to start saving money on the LPG conversion so I decided it was not worth it. Plus as no one has done it on a IQ yet, there are a few risks of being first (small risks) however they exist. I am currently now getting between 60 to 70 MPG from my IQ and I decided that was pretty good. And I might not keep my IQ long en
  12. bobkneale

    Ignition Coil

    In order to keep things "clean" I only use Shell V Power and also put in BG44 fuel system cleaner every 6 months.
  13. bobkneale


    Yes David - There is always more that we don't know than we do know, so we can always learn ! Nothing is impossible, just some things might be less likely ! Sometimes we never find out the "real truth"
  14. bobkneale


    All above sounds like speculation on "possible cause" this is not conformed as "root cause" until after flywheel has been examined and potentialy replaced and vibration has been eliminated. Lets wait and see what the investigation reveals ? I think a few others have experienced vibration of various types with their IQ and there may well be more than one cause ?
  15. Thanks very much to all members that have responded to my post. Looks like my bumper has been replaced or incorrectly resprayed before I got the car, I did not know, and now face the decision to spend on a respray ? As I intend to keep my IQ for quite a while I will leave it and re consider the bumper respray if if choose to sell in future.
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