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  1. Hi all, Picked up a 2009 Avensis Tourer in December, from a main dealer. It's got the 2.2 D4D engine, with about 50k on the clock. I have to say I'm loving car - quite different from my Aygo...! It drives very smoothly, but I've noticed that there is a faint "pulsing" sound in-between about 1200 and 2000 revs. It seems to go off when the revs get higher, but that may be more that I can't hear it over other road noise. It is not audible at tick-over, nor apparent when driving off from cold. There's no noticeable smoke, or low fuel consumption. I'm under an Approved Used warranty (well, the car is!) but, before I go through the hassle of getting it booked in for a check over, I wondered if this was just a feature of this engine? Any thoughts would be most welcome. Many thanks, PW
  2. A quick hello from a new member. On my 3rd Toyota now - a 2009 Avensis Tourer 2.2 D4D T-Spirit. Having moved from an Aygo, I've had to learn how to reverse again! Many years ago I also had a Celica as my company car (1998). I look forward to contributing to th forum. Cheers, PW
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums pinkwindmill :)