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  1. hi guys hopefully somebody can shed some light on this for me. my t sport began vibrating through the car so had car checked, after checking wheel balance, engine mounts ball joint and bushings it was diagnosed as a driveshaft problem, as under power it vibrates at any speed, and not accelarating smooth, now i have purchased a drive shaft off another t sport, but the guy sold it to me without the inner cup that has the splined shaft that goes into transmission, so i just have boot with bearings that goes into the cup in the tranny, is this correct??? should he have given me the inner cup with
  2. Hi all i have just ordered an apexi kit from nengun, but now im wondering how this duty and vat story works. just wondering if someone on here has ordered from them and what was paid, how were you notified if u did pay ? do i need to notify somebody? how does it work, i should have asked before i ordered but i was excited lol any help pls cheers
  3. Hi guys I was just wondering if anyone has bought or knows anyone with a cusco strut brace from nengun? i just wanted to know if if fits without anything needing to be bent? do u know of any other strut braces that will go on without bending anything? cheers and thanks
  4. well thats no good, n they not cheap, ud expect quality from that kinda price, but lesson learnt i suppose. where did u see that mod? before i buy that apexi kit i might see what that mod is like, are you only doing that because of fuel consumtion? or are there other benefits? if it wasnt for fuel would you keep kn typhoon on. you see i only use car for wknds as i have van for work so if it is only fuel consumtion i mght still go with apexi or what u think? yes i think strut comes standard on facelift, i live over in ireland making a bit difficult but not impossible i suppose lol and at the ri
  5. 18s are huge lol 16" or 17" are a good size in my opinion. those buddy clubs look good. the RAYS engineering im running are a good alloy havnt had any prbs, i hav seen some nice Lenso alloys but i cudnt say what quality is like, till now i thought rota wasnt bad but uv obviously had a diff experience with them . So you going back to standard airbox then? when you say readings to low, do u mean mpg is to low with that induction kit? does that kn hav a nice sound off it? i c you have a facelift model does that come with strut brace standard? im looking for one for mine but struggling to find o
  6. they a good car im enjoying mine so far and no problems yet lol, i must upload some pics never remember though my alloys are 17" 205/45 its also lowered on eibach springs my ride is a bit stiffer but not back breaking hard. im thinking of getting a apexi induction kit next. but building up a budget still. yeah same with you any probs give a shout.
  7. Well, im no mechanic but usualy if i take a gud look and try figure out what everything is and does before trying anything i cn usualky get something done, and with a wright up like urs makes it a bit easier aswell, if it does seem like something to much for me il take it to a garage and have it sorted.. I live in ireland and the weather doesnt allow for much outside work and with no garage im a bit stuck so we see in the summer. in response to oldcodger, car just passed NCT/MOT no problems unless the wear is not very bad yet, dont know, the prob started with original alloys, when i swapped th
  8. no i havnt yet, but good tip, was it an expensive fix? without a ramp would it be a complicated fix at home? thanks for reply.
  9. around town anywhere realy no bother at all seems to be perfect just that but yeah maybe sometime next service or something have them look under car see whats happening.. anyways thats for the input, makes me think road surface theory could be possible as well..
  10. all tyres exact same none worn or stretched, i also thought about road type i notice it on the motorway i use every wknd, never realy do that speed anywhere else i should try just to c if it does it again... thats exactly the type of feeling it is its as if one wheel grips then the other and vice versa causing that tugging feeling if that makes sense. i asked at a tyre place guy there suggested bushings btu im not entirely sure what bushings do tbh.. i dont do taht speed all the time but its nice to feel safe when the urge arises lol
  11. hey thanks for the response any opinion welcome, alloys new and balanced, theres no vibrationat all at any speed, its just as u pas 140kph it tugs side to side as if it wants to steer itself, nothing under braking either, its a strange one....
  12. hi all i own a 2002 corolla t sport, alls fine except that once i pass 160kph the steering begins to feel as if it steers it self, if that makes sense, no vibrating, just twitching from side to side. under 160kph dnt feel a thing. anyone have any ideas? i dnt want to go waste money tracking it if thats not the problem which i dont think it is, but i could be well wrong... thanks in advance for any ideas or help
  13. Hi all Name is Fernando, live over in ireland, i own a corolla t sport, will post pics as soon as i know how nice to meet you all. fernando
  14. Welcome to the Toyota forums cts1986 :)

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