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  1. My IQ has had to go so I have for sale a set of 15" alloy wheels fitted with Dunlop Winter response 2 tyres.(175/65 R15) I only used these for two months last year so have plenty of tread. So get prepared for winter and get a set of wheels and tyres ready to just swap over. I am looking for £300.00 for the set. unfortunately I can not post these items so it would be collection or courier at your own expense.
  2. Hi All Just an update I choose to go with the Wolfrace Assasins which I think is a modern design, What do you think?
  3. mrstadds

    My IQ

  4. I am going to try and claim from Surrey Council. But I have to but a new set of wheels because this is my daily commute to work of 110miles a day.
  5. I took the wheel to wheel works in crawley who were very helpful but they say because the the wheel is bent on the front rim edge it is beyond repair..
  6. Hi Guys I need help I have just broken one of my wheels on a Bl###y pothole and I can not get a replacement as they are not made or stocked any more. (Wolfrace shark 5 spoke 17x7 et40) I will need to buy new rims but can not decide, i need help what do you think of the rims attached or any other suggestions I have attached a pic of my IQ pre pothole.
  7. Your car looks great David, but the wheels are just to big for my taste. How does it ride is it Hard and does it crash over bumps and holes. I have to drive quite a long way to work on mostly b roads so I want it to be reasonably comfortable hese wanting to use wide 15" rims.
  8. Hi All I am new to all this I have just got my IQ 3 weeks ago it is a 59 plate iq 2 in white and it has been great fun. I want to lower it and fit different wheels and tyres but I do not want to fit large diameter rims as 1.I do a lot of miles and do not want it to be hard.and 2.I prefer the look of wider smaller rims.(old mini days) I am thinking of 15x7 rims with 205x55 rubber, any comments appreciated
  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums mrstadds :)

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