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  1. Happy Birthday BikerDaddy88!

  2. i can agree with everyone above and if it persists do what i did and super glue it into place then it wont become dislodged again lol
  3. erm i have no clue to when its last service was as only owned the car 4 months, been told by one person could be **** in the fuel filter and told by another it could be the mass air flow sensor which is aparently a common fault with them, i wouldnt know not had mine long enough lol
  4. cold starts are fine but once warmed up it coughs and splutters when i open the throttle and struggles to idle at times but if i leave to run for half hour to an hour sometimes more it clears and runs lovely, a little smokey (white) at times and occasionally spits an oily residue out of the exhaust any clue as to why? otherwise im gonna either engine transplant it or send it off for an engine rebuild..
  5. does anyone know where i can get a cheap 7a-fe engine or maybe someone can help me identify the problem that i have with my engine
  6. Hi there im looking for some body parts for my celica im after the GT4 body kit and spoiler but cant seem to find any anywhere and was wondering if anyone can help me thanks
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums BikerDaddy88 :)

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